Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry Folks, Here Comes the Cluebat

I am so freaking sick of the misinformed, mal-informed, contra-informed, and the uninformed morons on the left that I just cannot stand to even read the daily news anymore. Seriously, their NUMBER ONE economist is Paul FREAKING Krugman. How do you even debate someone that is so obviously retarded? And what standard does the Nobel Committee use to dole out those awards of theirs? Blind monkeys, dart boards, and shock wands?

Anyhoo, this is probably going to be my last political bitching post for a little while. The Democrats are making so much lying, hateful noise lately that I just cannot stand to watch, read, or listen. Dammit! Who elected these idiots and how do we keep them from ever voting again? They are dangerous to freedom, to the financial well-being of everyone, and to the livelihood of the world. You would think that every Democrat voter was some sort of Emo moron looking to commit suicide.

Which brings us to Captain Emo, Barry Obama. The moronic teacher that Barry heralded as the ONE JOB that he could save...lost her moronic job.

In a wild twist of fate, even Time Politics is admitting that Barry Obama is a true, complete, and utter failure.

From the article:
Moreover, there is a growing perception that Obama's decisions are causing harm — that businesses are being hurt by the Administration's legislation and that economic recovery is stalling because of the uncertainty surrounding energy policy, health care, deficits, housing, immigration and spending.

I hate to break it to the poor dumbasses at Time, but it is NOT a "perception" that Barry's decisions are causing harm, it is called REALITY. Furthermore, the "economic recovery" has NEVER begun. When you take 700 BILLION dollars and throw it into the market, the market cannot help but stabilize for a minute. It just got 700 BILLION!!!

The thing that grabs me, shakes me, and irks me no end is that the Democrats are all running like mad from Barry in almost every re-election circumstance, yet the Barrystream Media continues to act like there is ZERO problem with the direction the Democrat criminals are taking the country. And there is no accountability for any of these criminals actions.

As I said many, many moons ago, the election of Barry Obama is going to do so much harm to this nation that it shall take 100 years to repair the damage. A simple cursory search in my archives produces a post from June 10, 2008 that states: "What you idiots fail to understand is that electing Barry Obama will return Blacks to slavery and set race relations back a hundred years or more. He will be the new Black quarterback, think Michael Vick, you idiots."

I am sorry that I keep having to be right, but dammit, y'all didn't even read his first freaking book, "Dreams from my Father." I did. It was a horrible racist screed written by an imbecile.

I get e-mail almost daily telling me that I am a racist, that I should give Barry a chance, that I am just jumping on him because everyone else is.

No, that is untrue. My first post on the seemingly boundless stupidity that is Barry Obama was posted in October of 2005. Of course, I was a little off in my predictions on how far this idiot would go. I said that he would wind up irrelevant like Rangel or McKinney. Boy, was I wrong on that!

Ever since this idiot burst on the scene and started moving up the Democrat Starting Roster, because he is not TOO black, mind, you, everyone has kissed his ass and told him how awesome he is. Remember Men's Fitness declaring Barry one of the fittest guys in the country?

Folks, if you continually tell your little angel that their shit doesn't stink and they are the smartest, mostest awesomist little tyke in the world, at some point even those morons believe it themselves.

And from the very jump, this dude has said NOTHING. Here's my take on one of his concerts, again in June 2008.

Y'all remember when Barry took his traveling imbecile show to Germany and performed for them? The media said an EXPECTED one million people would show up. Seems the numbers were not quite so high. This very thing keeps happening even today with the Tea Parties v. Ed Schultz's idiot debacle.

Oh, do not forget that there was already proof that Barry had lied about his former employment record in 2008, too. You see, everyone with any intellectual curiosity had enough sense to check this dude out and he proved to be scum.

Did we seem to forget that abortion was above his pay-grade? I think that we determined then that Barry was going to try to ruin anyone that made more money than he did.

Do you recall that I told y'all that Obama/Biden was the most liberal ticket that the Democrats could have without getting Stalin/Mao? Good Lord, Obama was so stupid he chose Joe FREAKING Biden as his VP.

Oh, and here are Barry and Joe playing dueling moronic soundbytes during the campaign.

But keep in mind, Dan Quayle!!! You know, that same Dan Quayle that took the Patriot Missile system in his arms and babied it through Congress. By comparison, Barry Obama um...yeah...I got nothing.

OH! Yeah! Barry lobbied to get criminals out of prison.

And even back in 2008, the media was saying that jumps in unemployment were "unexpected." If y'all think really hard, you can remember me telling y'all that the minimum wage hike was going to kill the economy and skyrocket unemployment. When the Democrats did that right when they took Congress in January 2007, I told y'all to buckle up, it was about to get nasty.

Also, in preparation for the elections in November, let's look back to September of 2008 when I was screeching about the Democrats' financiers at Fannie and Freddie. Yeppers, there's Chris Dodd pr0n, too!

You know, all of this stuff makes as much sense as Bammer falling seven slots for losing to 'Cocks. If you remember, uSCCC lost to Oregon State back in the Fall of 2008. Oregon State was not even ranked in the Top 50 at the time. uSCCC fell eight slots.

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Anonymous said...

I've never read a good thing about Dan Quayle in the MSM and precious little good at internet sites. I don't recall anyone saying how grateful they were for the Patriot Missiles during Gulf War 1. Strange that.

I understand more good of Dan and his son Ben, (I also have a son "Ben") entirely as a result of blogs just like yours Paul, and others who have waded in, in an effort to counter the garbage being strewn by the MSM.

marc in calgary

Paul Mitchell said...

Marc, at least the Israelis took the time to thank Quayle.

And really, the potato(e) thing happened because he was reading from a card given him by the teacher of the damned class, too.

But, Joe FREAKING Biden said, "This is about a three letter word, JOBS."

Andy said...

TD, what Marc said. Also, thanks for linking back to that old post on the college football polls.

Man, that one was classic! Seriously...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, we cannot have greater proof that the polls are aligned heavily against the SEC. Everyone ALWAYS hates their betters.

Andy said...

TD, what Marc said. Also, thanks for linking back to that old post on the college football polls.

Man, that one was classic! Seriously...