Friday, October 08, 2010

Teh Google, Internet Marketing, and My Earball.

A quick ear update because y'all axed. It's better, another coupla' days and I'll be fine. Sleeping for about 500 hours the last two days kinda helped a bunch. Thanks for the concern.

To the BLOGSHOW!!!

I think that we can all agree that Technorati does NOT know footbaw!!! And they cannot add either. My "AUTHORITAY" adds up to 445.


Blogger has another "Help Us Make Blogger Better" thingy going on. I want REAL trackbacks, what about you?

By the way, have you Blogger users noticed the "Report Editor Issues" link right below the Post Editor? It was not there for me until today.

The Stats gadget moves from the Draft testing ground. I am still using Google Analytics mainly. What do you do?

G-Mail has rolled out a feature where you can turn off conversation view. I am not going to do that, if I wanted that, I would go back to Outlook.

And for further oddities, Teh Goggle Enterprise has this about switching to G-Mail from Outlook.

There is also a new Recent Buzz section on G-Mail as well. I don't know about you, but I am just not loving Buzz just yet.

But, I just upgraded to Android 2.2 and got the updated G-Mail on my phone! It is awesome and I am loving THAT.

Does anyone else think that it is funny that G-Mail is on Twittah? Yeah, I follow them, what of it?

Oh, and for those of you with Android, check out Listen.

For students, check out Online Office Hours for Google Docs. This is kinda like Go to Meeting.

And revision history has been added for Google Docs collaboration. I think that this must have come out of the Wave testing period, so it was good for that, huh?

AdSense has rolled out some new videos to help you with optimization. It's a pretty good show, but not as good as simply putting "Ines Sainz NUDE" in your blog titles.

Here's some of you You Tube ads questions answered. Do you think that Dude has ever been in a video before?

Here's a video about You Tube Promoted Videos. Honestly, my personal opinion is that the internet money IS in video right now. Now, if I can just figure out how to sound like Sean Connery instead of Earnest T. Bass, we can make a killing!

Here is a tidbit on Postini, Google's Security Network. Dude, this is impressive.

From Problogger, Eleven Ways to Convince Readers to Buy Your E-Book. I told y'all I was gonna start writing, and y'all are gonna start buying, too!

Also from Problogger, Eight Reasons to Add an E-Course to your Blog. If y'all will think back a coupla weeks, I put that e-course up on how to watch college footbaw from my Scoreboard. Want some more of that?

I am going to make a video and e-course to show y'all how awesome the Google Wonder Wheel is. The only problem with the Wonder Wheel is that you have to turn off Instant Search, but it is wicked cool. Gimme a coupla' days and I'll get on that.

Finally, Dave Navarro's 2010 More Buyers Mastermind is live! If you do not sign up tomorrow, the price is going up, up, up!

Boy, I have been asleep for two days. Things are piling up. Tomorrow morning, I got a HUGE linkdump to drop with over twenty-four links. Sorry, I get sick and you gotta read the posts from three days accumulation.

Really, you need Dave Navarro's Mastermind if you want to make a living on the internet.

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Andy said...

Glad you're feeling better, man! I started to comment on the Britfar junk post, but couldn't come up with anything funny.

I mean, how do you top the fact that some dude is looking for pictures of it?

Paul Mitchell said...

I would assume that would become their pick up line. "My junk is bigger than Brett Favre's junk, baby."

Andy said...

I wanted to comment back, but I'm all out of funny.

But, Favre's junk probably isn't.

The Mayor said...

An e-course? Excellent idea.

If you're taking suggestions, how about an e-course on Google docs?

The Mayor would love that, especially considering how much I want to learn about teh docs, but my numbskull won't allow me to without a visual reference.

Paul Mitchell said...

Mayor, if you are trying to start using Google Docs, I am happy for you. I have been using their stuff for about a year and a half and have yet to be disappointed. The best thing that I have seen is the OCR that allows you to upload a photo of text and it translates into an actual document. Dude, it works really well.

I'll see what I can scrape up for you, sir.

INOT2 said...

Google Docs are awesome!
Thank for the funny...

Paul Mitchell said...

INOT2, I have been meaning to bang out a Google Docs video, maybe I'll do that really soon.