Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teh Google White Trash Wednesday Post

She's wearing a wife beater tee-shirt, get it?

In an attempt to create a better blogging experience for my reader, I am trying to figure out a schedule for these Teh Google posts so you can pick up the latest Teh Google trends and stuff without having to keep hitting F5 over and over again. I think that Wednesday, my lowest traffic day by far will be the Teh Google day. If you have any objections, please lemme know in the comments.

As an occasional reader of this blog, you might not know that I am a big proponent of free market capitalism that exists nowhere on Planet Earth. What I have increasingly found is that there is a rising community of people that are trying to develop this unknown economic system online. That interests me greatly.

To establish that economy online, traffic is the single most important thing. I have been running traffic studies on this blog and other small blogs to test some of my theories that run contrary to typical traffic ideas. Some of my stuff appears to be working, some has failed miserably. Here's what I know beyond any doubt whatsoever, stellar content makes all the difference in the world and knowing exactly what traffic you want helps you come up with strategies to attract that traffic.

If I wanted to, I could have the NUMBER ONE pr0n site on the entire webbynets because I keep up with sports blogs. You do the math and put that together in your head.

Stellar content gets found by search engines and Teh Google is kinda important when you see that with the addition of You Tube, they now control about 6.4% of ALL internet traffic.

Also, labeling and tags are of the utmost importance. I wish I had known that I would be shifting my gears to establish a business presence online about five years ago when I started putting the dumbass tags on my posts here. Despite what mediocre content is on this blog, it is a very good traffic source proven beyond any doubt by the fact that I drove 600 people to the html site that I built and linked here yesterday. Average time on that one page site was over three minutes and there are only seventy-one words on the site not including the six in the header and header image. Figure that out for me please? My readers are slow readers?

Anyhoo to develop authoritay, step one, create wonderful content that people want to read. That seems easy enough, right? Step two, label your posts with relevant tags that are current and not stupid. Those labels are wonderful linky things for the search engines. Check out the Label navigation on the right sidebar. You shall notice that mine is a pulldown instead of the whole label list showing. If someone is searching for something on your site, the label navigation is a great way for them to find it, but as you grow your blog, that list of labels gets quite large. Currently, I have about seventy labels, dude, that would gobble up some screen real estate, so pulldown is the way to go.

If you wanna be like me, simply go to your Blogger blog dashboard thingy, go to the Design tab and add an Page Element for the Labels. Then, click over to "edit html," check the "Expand Widgets Template" checkbox, and simply replace the code seen in the image to the left. Click it to see it large if you are old and blind. If you return to the Design tab, you will still have the selections like a normal widget, PLUS one. Enjoy.

On to the BLOGSHOW!!!

Did you know that you can Keyboard Shortcut your way to awesomeness on You Tube?

Teh Google has changed their sidebar search to reflect Places instead of Maps. You BETTER have set up your FREE! Places account for your business, yo. This equates to FREE LOCAL TRAFFIC, the Utopia of money in your wallet.

Teh Google is also slowly rolling out Boost, another Teh Google Local Search thingy. Dear Mr. Phonebook, eat a dick.

Teh Google Docs has a new, new, new Piechart thingy. I cannot wait for a break so I can go make some dumb piecharts about Democrat criminal stuff. Let's cut to the video, Chet!

G-Mail is asking for help to improve Tasks. They like to give away free stuff for people testing their stuff, too.

You can add Auto-Advance in G-Mail if you find it in your G-Mail Labs tab. I cannot see that this actually saves me any time, though.

If you do find that YOU have some free time, though, how about you grabbing some free e-books for your Droid X or another inferior internet device? They have a crazy big list, too.

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Anonymous said...

On wednesdays I receive an alert to come here and see what's up.

and to say "hi" to your reader.

There's an election in 5 days, don't phone in sick.

Sharron Angle sent flowers to Joy Behar. Joy's response? take some sensitivity training. I tried thinking of something that would sum this idiocy up but I haven't anything worth repeating.

Marco Rubio's final Tv ad for his senatorial run in Florida is the picture of class. Anyone running should watch it and pause for a second or two.

Paul Mitchell said...

Maybe Angle thought Joy was allergic to flowers, that is the only explanation I can come up with.

Someone made the comment on Rubio's ad that he was Reagan-like with Reagan-like hair. I have not had a minute to watch it, today.

And I cannot wait for my reader to respond to your, "Hi!"