Saturday, November 20, 2010

College Gameday - Week 12 - November 20, 2010 (UPDATED!!!)

No, seriously, I had to keep going back to the Moron Four Letter to keep checking to see if I was right. There is just no way that College Gameday can be in Chicago for the Illinois v. Northwestern game. Even those MORONS are not that freaking stupid. Nope, they are. Illinois is 5-5 and Northwestern is 7-3 and they are both in the Big 10(11)(12). No seriously, I am not kidding. That is where College Gameday is today.

COLLEGE GAMEDAY SUCKS!!! By the way, look for a HUGE shocker in the game breakdowns below. A HUGE SHOCKER!!!


WAIT! Do we have three teams with BYES this week? Well, I see that the NUMBER ONE The Barn is off this weekend (will they fall out of the Top Ten for not playing?), UGA is off this weekend, and UK is sitting at home getting ready for their final game with Rocky Top that (Thank you, Lord) is AWAY!!!

At 12:21, Troy and his bitchin' Trans-Camaro rolls into Columbia to face the 'Cocks. In case you were unaware, Troy lurves the 'Cocks. USC is laying 22.5 with the O/U at 57.5. Look for the 'Cocks to mushroom tattoo Troy and achieve the OVER.

At 12:30, we have App State at Da Gates. Since Flarda is not a Big 10(11)(12) team, look for this game to be unexciting. The line is Flarda -24, O/U is somewhere around 64.5. Flarda and the OVER.

The 3:30 game pits African American Bears at Geaux Tigers. This game in a normal year would almost be a pick-em, but the Klan sucks so hard and so fast this year that Geaux Tigers are favored by 15 with the O/U at 51. LSU has to know that this game is really important even though Klansingtonville is DEAD LAST in the West and is the only team in the West that is yet to become bowl eligible. They must win out to get there, too. But, look for the Tigers to roll to an easy win and make the OVER.

At 7:00, Razorhawgs at Starkvegas. This is the best game in the country this week. There is your shocker. The 13th ranked Hawgs and the 21st ranked We Suckers are playing the best game of the week. I never thought that I would write that in my lifetime. I was wrong. Hawgs are minus 3.5 and the O/U is 52. State has three games this year over 52 points and all were out of conference patsys. Let's go We Suck and the UNDER. (Another shocker, I picked We Suck to win. I think that is five times that I have done that IN MY LIFETIME.)

Rocky Top at Vandy. The Orange is favored by 8.5 or 9 and the O/U is 49.5. Let's just say, Rocky Top and the OVER and be done with it.

Final game is Bammeroids v. Georgia State. Pick Bammer to win 63-7, this is my LOCK OF THE WEEK. Bet the entire farm, steal your neighbor's farm, wife, and tractor and pick Bammer to win 63-7. You'll thank me later.

College Gameday!!!

And CROOM!!! (Yes, if Sylvester Croom was still the corch at We Suck, there would not be so much cheating talk going on. Corch Croom was the MAN.)

UPDATE: Would y'all believe that the MoM Jersey Store has sold out of The Barn, The 'Cocks, and Razorhawgs jerseys? Dude, that is crazy, THOSE THREE TEAMS?!?!?! I am headed down to the store now to add some new stuff. You should go buy that crap up, too.

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Anonymous said...

Why are you talking about Auburn?
This entire season will be vacated and they will get USC type treatment by the NCAA....maybe SMU treatment since they kept playing an eligible player.

You'll have to pray for South Carolina (or Alabama) to beat Auburn, because if Auburn wins the title it won't count.

Why isn't the SEC up in arms about this, Cam is not eligible to play. All those fans are getting excited for nothing, it won't won't count.

The Newton family lawyer is saying Cam didn't know, hello genius that doesn't matter under the NCAA because if that defense holds then every recruit's relative can shake down recruiting teams for their grandchildren/son/cousin who then can play ignorant. This defense would result in a defacto play for pay system, and the whole amateur thing will go out the window.

Am I the only one that sees this, all this will be for nothing...nothing. Seems like a complete waste of energy, not to mention how all the other teams have been cheated.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, he is innocent until proven guilty. With every bit of this crap originating in Tuscaloosa, it is pretty obvious that it was a Bammer plot to discredit poor widdle Cam.

By the way, Oregon eeeeked out a win over BYE today. That was the first team they played that was worth a shit.

Anonymous said...


You do realize Oregon played Tennessee right? Blew them out in Rocky Top if remember correctly.

The NCAA is not a court of law, if you look guilty enough you are pronounced guilty. Whether you knew what was going on or not. Explain to me how a program can get punished for what a booster does?? Because the NCAA is not a court of law it is a undemocratic/unaccountable institution that punishes how it sees fit. They tacked on another year of punishment on Michigan, why? Because they could that's why....Power corrupts!

When it is all said and done, the NCAA will pronounce him guilty and punish Auburn accordingly. If Auburn goes on and wins the title, the NCAA will make an example of them...blah blah something about how cheaters never win blah blah... You know this is how it is going to end, right?

And yes I understand if Cam went to MSU and had a 7-4 record, none of this would come up but that is price for being the best...your under a microscope, can't see how that can be avoided.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, everyone in the SEC has beaten Tennessee, well, except for Ole Miss and Vandy. Rocky Top is not even bowl eligible, you know? Of course, that is the best team that Oregon has played in ten years. Your point?

As far as Cam Newton is concerned, if Auburn paid him to come to Auburn, then that makes them exactly like very other Division I school in the nation. I'm really tired of everyone acting like those kids are not paid and are actually in college to get a degree. What do you think that the stats are, maybe five percent actually go on to graduate, REALLY?

And, the tip came straight from Bammer. It is shit.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about what your saying, I don't doubt there is backroom deals going on but why then don't teams tell on each other more often?

Auburn and Alabama go after the same players, why doesn't Auburn return the favor to the Bammeroids?

Is this a MAD thing going on, mutually assured destruction? Auburn season and title hopes are about to be dashed, so where is the payback???


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, you do realize that The Barn is the MOST penalized team in D-I, huh?

Nothing is going to come of it this year unless ESPN starts pushing for it to happen to get TCU or worse, Boise State in the BCS game against Oregon. That is happening right now behind the scenes, too. You can bank on it.

If Oregon plays The Barn, I think that we will see, YET AGAIN, that the SEC is far superior to any other conference. Of course, even The Four Letter's rankings of the conferences proves that, the SEC is almost eighty points higher in ranking than the next conference, the PAC-10, and the third conference is like four points behind the PAC-10. I'll see if I can find that ranking list later today.