Saturday, November 27, 2010

College Gameday Week 13 - That's a Wrap!!!

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Dude, I sure hope you did not play my picks or took my advice to go whole hog the other way. You were warned, man.

Let's wrap this one up, I did my normal SUCK, too.

I took Vols at -2.5 and over 58.5. Got the winner, missed the O/U.

On the Geaux Tigers +3.5 and over 54. Lost the winnah and a toss or a push (whichever) on the O/U.

Da Gates +2.5 and under 51. Missed the winner and nailed the O/U, using the push, we got a double. Really, I had no feel for the Criminoles. Did Bobby Bowden DIE or something?

On We Suck laying 3 with the under 54. Picked the winnah and another toss or push on the O/U.

I had 'Cocks -2.5 and over 45. Got the winner, missed the O/U, so minus two on the O/U with a push.

On Wake v. Vandy, I had Vandy -5 and over 49.5. Missed both. Where the Hell did that Wake Forest team come from? They were 3-9 in the ACC!

I had UGA -13 and over 56.5. Lost the spread and got the over.

Let's add 'em up. Three winnahs, three losers, minus one O/U. So for me, A STELLAR DAY!!!

On the College Gameday hits and traffic...

Every week this season, we were on the very first page of Google for "College Gameday" and the date. Usually number one or two. Today was the first time that this NEW number one showed up. We beat The Four Letter more often than not, too. So, our little College Gameday family is beating out the OWNER of the "College Gameday" brand on Teh Google. How are we doing this?

ESPN uses too much Flash on the College Gameday page and no embeds in that Flash. Of course, theirs is a rock solid position because they own the BRAND. We have leeched off of them and done very, very well doing it, too. At the very top on Teh Google for the entire year. Much can be said about this Blogger hosted blog hanging with them for the Google searches.

Now, on to the Bing rankings. I have just now started playing with Bing and I am utterly underwhelmed with their SERPs. Just because I am not pleased doesn't mean that there are not people running Bing exclusively, so I have to get better at those searches.

How do I accomplish that obviously IMPOSSIBLE task? Look at their results! Hockey is first, basketball is second, BC v. Syracuse is third...I mean, that is just BULLSHIT results, folks. Let's be serious, they are terrible. Still, last weeks post IS on the first page, right above BC and Syracuse AGAIN! Does Bill Gates own those colleges or something? There is not a single RANKED team on the very first page of the Bing results. How the Hell does that happen?

Well, now we have to wait until next weekend's National Championship Game to see which SEC team plays in the Silly Bowl against the Oregon Owls (or are they the Utes, I dunno, really)?

Next Saturday, the USC 'Cocks will battle The Barn WarPlainTiggles (I can never remember what they are) for the Division I college championship. 'Cocks are 9-3 and The Barn is undefeated. 'Cocks did play The Barn pretty good earlier in the season, but I really am impressed with the Professional Quarterback that plays for the Plainsmen.

As it stand now, I like The Barn and want them to win, too.

Oh, and thanks, Corch Croom, you really came through for us today at We Suck!!!

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Moogie P said...

May I dare to venture a Woo Pig Soooieee?

Why, yes. I believe I shall.

Wooo Freakin' Pig Soooieeeeeee!!!

It's tasting Sweet!

Paul Mitchell said...

Moogie, you are always free to say whatever strikes your fancy. Next year, if your pigs decide they want to be good at footbaw, tell them to start a little earlier in the season. Losing to Alabama and then to Auburn will go a long way to NOT screwing up the SEC standings.

If TCU gets a big bowl, which they will now, I blame y'all.

Staci said...

You could have said "Boomer Sooner" at least one time, you know.

Paul Mitchell said...

But, what you have commented if I had?

See, it's called "Suckering them to comment..."