Thursday, November 04, 2010

Philosophy, Who Needs It?

Yes, the post title is stolen directly from an Ayn Rand book. I hope the family doesn't sue me.

And yes, of course I have been reading everything about Tuesday's election results that I can get my hands on. And NO, neither party understands what happened.

The Left in their own silly, ridiculous way, continues to try to explain away what happened. The dumbest thing that I have heard from them is exactly what they always say, "We didn't do enough, fast enough." Seriously? They really cannot believe that, can they? Of course they do.

The Republicans keep saying that they lost their way and now they have a second chance to prove that they can do it right this time. Do you believe them? Let's check in on John Boehner, the guy that has been in DC since 1991.

Boehner is set to become the Speaker of the House. There is little doubt that he will perform those duties in a manner that is twenty times more efficient and intelligent than Nancy Pelosi did, but folks, that is not much of a compliment. Pelosi is an idiot. The people that elect Pelosi are idiots. The people that believe the same stupidity that Pelosi believes, are idiots. So, to do a better job than Pelosi can be accomplished by simply not swallowing your toothbrush in the morning.

My doubts that anything will change are strong, folks. Since I did not hear John Boehner say Wednesday morning that he is going to defund the Education Department, the Energy Department, the Health and Human Services Department, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation, I really do not think that he gets it, either.

I think that I speak for everyone that believes as I do, we do not want the government to do anything other than start to dismantle the stupid BLOAT that they have created over the years.

Here's what normal people deal with on a daily basis, we go to make groceries and we get behind two folks that are dressed in clothes that make ours look like junk. We buy bologna and rice, while they have four pounds of fresh shrimp, we drain our checking account to pay for what we have, and those people that are dressed to the nines and eating fresh shrimp are paying for "their" food with FOOD STAMPS.

We also take our kids to school with the bologna and some store brand chips, driving our Toyotas and Chevrolets, while some kids are dropped off in Escalades early so they can get "their" free breakfasts. Yes, PLURAL, because the school will give them as many plates as they want.

Then those on the left want to talk about FAIR?!?!

Let's talk about fair for a second. We have a military that is built on the backs of the finest men and women in history. We pay them peanuts while drug dealers live in brand new housing, drive brand new cars, and eat fresh shrimp, ALL paid for by that very same person in the military. Both are risking life an limb, but one is doing so while protecting OUR COUNTRY, the other is doing so while slinging dope to our children. What the FUCK is fair about that?

We have folks that look back in history and point to Franklin Delano Roosevelt or John Fitzgerald Kennedy as some kinds of deities, then point to Ronald Wilson Reagan and say he was a buffoon. They say that the policies of FDR and JFK were AWESOME and that Reagan's ruined our country. What no one wants to even check is that FDR prolonged the Great Depression by years, destabilized our economy and national philosophy TO THIS DAY, and JFK was president a total of two years and ten months. Folks, JFK did nothing exceptional other than get assassinated. Sorry, thems be the FACTS.

I do appreciate your leftist ideology, but that doesn't make it any more RIGHT. you are definitely WRONG and I'll defend your right to being wrong all day long. Of course, I am going to tell you that you're stupid for believing what you do because you ARE.


The Obama Recovery is underperforming every recovery in history by fifty percent.

And why do they keep saying there is no inflation? The only way to reverse these trends is to do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Barry Obama's economic team is doing.

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And finally, the Two Dogs' take on what happened on Tuesday, it is really simple to understand. Normal people just turn the other cheek until they have had enough. Let's go to the Kenny Rogers tape for more explanation.

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Dean L said...

OMG, 4 long paragraphs in and my browser window closed! Damn Google, why?! Okay, 2nd try, a bit shorter this time.

Paul, I think I'm a little more optimistic than you when it comes to the GOP. Even though I'm a glass-half-full guy of late, I have to say 20 times better than Pelosi is a fine start.

I don't think it's a GOP end state though. Thanks to the Tea Party, the GOP has a new lease on life and a chance to re-brand itself in a post '06 image. No, they won't start by defunding the Department of Education. They're going to start with a bill to reverse Obamacare - knowing it won't succeed outside the House. But that's a play to honor a pledge. The enthusiasm for that won't last longer than a month, let alone until 2012.

Consider it a free market system of votes. If the public doesn't buy what the GOP are selling because they liken it to a Chevy Volt, they won't buy it. So the GOP will continually have to strive to do more for the next two years. Successful or not, they have to start small with the low hanging fruit (I'm not talking about Barney Frank) and work towards bigger goals. There has to be progress, or if it is stopped, it has to be from the other side - the President of 'no'.

For the GOP to go back to business as usual and pick up from 2006 is political suicide. I don't think they're box of hammers dumb like that. They know they're on probation. But we have to keep in mind that the INCREDIBLE MESS the country is in is bigger than Obamacare (for any liberals reading, it's not all Bush's fault either). The problem took 70 years to get to this critical mass. It's going to take 20 years to fix and probably 100 years to pay it all off. But that doesn't mean that you don't take that first step because it's only a yard instead of a mile.

What's needed is progress, visible, non-progressive progress. If you are really worried that the GOP is going to be all window dressing, here's an idea.

The next Tea Party should be held on the very first day of the next Congress. Tea Parties must not stop. The Mainstream media might even cover them with a bit of fairness and vigor as they'll see it as targeting the GOP now. So what? The message is the important thing - fix the spending and fix the debt. After that, the important thing will be who listens.

Dean L said...
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Anonymous said...


I voted Libertarian for the first time in my life, and it felt great. Sure they didn't win, but I atleast voted my principles and even if I won't ever see a "winner" I will always have the satisfaction of seeing the two gov't parties fail. Either by pumping up the "defense" war machine for their private black water thug contractors (how come the newly elected Repubs don't mention cutting the war machine??) or giving out something for nothing to all the bums in society...they will always fail, it is just too bad the American people keep oscillating between the it will ever make a difference.

How many major gov't departments did Reagan try to defund?? How many times did Reagan shutdown the gov't?? Why do we need a war machine if we have nukes?? (all you need is to drop 10 and any enemy/threat we have will be gone/erased ....hmmmm)

Well you already don't expect much to happen anyway from this "landslide referendum" so I think your part of the way out the door. I just hope your not heading to the "Tea Party"...why is Sarah Palin at Tea Party gatherings??(She's a Republican, right?) Why doesn't she appear at Libertarian gatherings???? She must love all the money she is rolling in now without ever having to saying anything concrete like we are going to decapitate these specific gov't functions/departments and if we can't I'll shutdown the gov't!!...nah just cash the next 50k speaking fee check, talk loud say nothing.

I guess being a Libertarian is not about winning it is about principles, because they won't win anything in my lifetime.


Andy said...

Roderick, I have voted Libertarian exactly four times in my voting life. I am registered as a Libertarian.

Each time, I made a big-ass statement, and felt great. I think my four guys probably got about 1.5% of the vote (if you add them all four up).

Reagan did not defund any Department. There was no way to do that without a line-item veto, and a Democrat Congress. At least Reagan did expound on the wrongness of these friggin' "departments."

The reason that Sarah Palin doesn't appear at Libertarian gatherings is because it is a huge waste of time. Don't get me wrong...I'm no Sarah Palin fan (I find her to be mostly self promoting, and not all that smart)...but, she is smart enough to know a waste of time when she sees one, and is about 70 times smarter than any elected Democrat.

The two major parties are now, and will always be where the action is. It's just a fact of life that us Libertarian types must learn to deal with. Our challenge is to win over the Republicans with our philosophy (Democrats are too stupid to teach anything sensible to) get some libertarian-leaning candidates elected...and hope like hell the Tea Party types (even if they are not of our particular stripe) hold off the dims in the meantime.

Because, we sure can't.

And, don't try to feed me the line about "no difference" in the parties. There IS a difference. And, the BlackWater line is so lame that I almost stopped reading your comment. Seriously.

You do raise an interesting (yet simple to answer) question by asking "Why do we need a war machine if we have nukes?" The answer is simple. The other guys have them, too.

CaptiousNut said...

I don't care much for the theory from establishment Republicans that this election was a *referendum on Barack Hussein Obama*...

I actually think, more accurately, the election of Barack Hussein Obama 2 years ago was a referendum on establishment Republicans and THEIR nominee John McCain!

Paul Mitchell said...

It is hard to argue against the fact that if Republicans had not nominated The McCainiac, or Bob Dole II, we would not be in this predicament. But, that is old hat, let's bring this moron DOWN.

It is also hard to say that the election results were not simply the snap back from typical midterms to a greater extent, but dude, this current government is borderline retarded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I understand your point how that "no difference" has become a cynical throw away line that has lost meaning and even makes the person who says it lose credibility.

If there is a difference between the two parties, please show it to me because we had unified Republican gov't from 2000 to 2006. Not much if anything flat tax, no abolishing the IRS, nothing significant at all. When I say difference I mean something akin to the differences between Joseph Stalin and Barry Goldwater, I want to see a real difference between to "opposing" parties. Something very very very obvious....remember Barrack is killing more people with the predator drones than Bush. Barrack has not stopped the CIA standing allowance for KILLING US citizens that have not been convicted in a court of law if they are SUSPECTED of engaging in terrorism outside our borders. See this is what I mean about not a real difference, I want to see something obvious...very obvious, like Barrack putting all the investment bankers on Wall Street into camps and seizing their wealth putting it into the US treasury.

The biggest thing I am thankful for from a Republican congress is that they hiked the highway speeding limit in my state to 65mph, and that was back in the mid 90's. A few percent points off our graduated tax system is not much....give me a flat tax then we are talking, but to do that they would have to get rid of home mortgage interest deduction.

I just want to see a difference, something I can point to and say a Democrat would NEVER EVER do that and a Republican would NEVER EVER do that and those never ever items never overlap. Point to the Reagan tax cuts, I could easily point to the JFK tax cuts. Point to this current war with Bush, I could easily point to Vietnam for JFK/LBJ. Point to FDR gov't intervention in the economy, I could easily point to Nixon wage and price controls.

I just want a clear line of demarcation, which is why I am in the Libertarian camp because I know what they will never ever do and it is clear. Or maybe your right, maybe it is better to work within the two party's to get more people like Rand Paul elected. But I just worry that the Rand Paul's will be marginalized by the establishment.


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, Barry is not going to do anything to Wall Street other than pay them back for supporting him so well. Oh! You did not know that he received more money from bankers than any other candidate in history? Wow, how did you not know that? Wonder why Bernanke continues to give those very banks more and more free money?

Also, Republicans did not control the government totally from 2000 to 2006, remember Jim Jeffords? Republicans DID control the Congress from 1994 to 2001, though. How did the economy do then? Well, until Clinton sold all the advanced electronic information and data to China and the dot com thing came crashing down?

If you are looking for stark contrast, look no further, Democrats are convicted of crimes at a rate eight times that of Republicans. Did you know that Illinois has not had a Democrat governor that did not go to prison since Adlai Stevenson in 1953?

I do know this, Andy is certainly right that our only chance for real constitutional government lies in the Republicans because of sheer numbers that stack up better against the racist criminal Democrat Party.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, what about principles and fighting the good fight even if you lose....every time.

Think about this way, is it better to get dirty right now with the Republicans because it is closing time at the bar and she is last woman around.

Or is it better to stick to your guns and provide the Libertarians the foundation they need to be able to win their first congressional contest in the year 2140.

Personally I would rather enter the valley of death with the rest of the 600 (knowing I will lose) and stick to core principles that I know will eventually overcome all the current obstacles because the truth is so obvious....think of the Christians within the Roman empire, it wasn't so good at the beginning but they stuck to their guns and eventually got a Christian emperor. Look at Christianity today, see what happens when one doesn't compromise core principles just to be popular with the current fad.


Skunkfeathers said...

Right now, I am content with having tossed that lying, delusional wench Pelosi out on her fat ass. First steps. But if Republicans want to further their second chance to '12 and beyond, they need to show some spine on their principles, and ignore the elite media in the Beltway. That's where I can see Mr. Smith going to Washington, and being turned by the septic system. That will be the hardest part.

Lacey said...

"We also take our kids to school with the bologna and some store brand chips, driving our Toyotas and Chevrolets, while some kids are dropped off in Escalades early so they can get 'their' free breakfasts. Yes, PLURAL, because the school will give them as many plates as they want."

...And THEN we get to see a perfect example of one of these "ample" children on stage, smiling big and cheering on our leader as our leader tells us we NOW have to ALSO help pay for happy ample's healthcare.

Paul Mitchell said...

Which brings to mind a joke I heard just this week, Freddie.

How do you starve a Democrat?

Hide the Food Stamps under the damned WORK boots.

Andy said...


Boogie said...

I was gonna write something, but Andy said it all for me...

I'm still in my "gloating period." I don't care that the American voters picked the GOP not because they're particularly sold on their message. They've just come to the conclusion that the Dems are, in general, feckless crapweasels. That's a step in the right direction, ya dig? Now we work on getting disciplined, libertarian-leaning conservatives to walk the walk that they talked.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boogie, not to put a broomstick in your spokes, but Jimmy Carter was just president up until January 1981. That was not too long ago. The Democrats of my generation should never have won another election because of Jimmy, but Bill Clinton won a mere twelve years later.

Moogie P said...

But Bill Clinton could charm the silver-plating off of an FDR dime. And he has no principles, so he was able to wiggle back closer to the center so he could keep his sweet gig. He was, before Obama burst onto the scene, the very definition of -- as Boogie so adeptly puts it -- feckless crapweasel. (Love that phrase!)

I had my feel-good Libertarian voter moment in 2008's congressional election. But this year, I had to do anything I could to help keep Cedric Richmond out of that seat. I failed. And it doesn't feel too swift.

But I, too, am allowing myself to revel in the demotion of Nancy Pelosi. She is too dang good at wielding that power stick. Let's hope Boehner can heft it too.