Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Funnies - The Weekly News Roundup

While we are waiting for the latest RIDICULOUS Bowl Championship Series Polling to hit the inbox, I thought it would be a really good time to recap the week in Obama Stupidity™. Please keep in mind that, in the history of the world, there has not been a dumber man that was at the helm of a country. Normal people knew this when this imbecile hit the national stage at the 2004 DNC and every national media figure immediately experienced a total body orgasm and continually told us TO THIS DAY how freaking smart Barry Obama is. When Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Anderson Cooper tell you that someone is intelligent, you can bank the entire farm that person is startling in their accumulation of stupidity. Obama is simply the ideal test case that proves this hypothesis.

Also, when Barry Obama picked Joe FREAKING Biden as his Vice President tool, remember that those very same talking heads simply had to keep telling us that Biden was an awesome pick because of his HUGE foreign policy experience. Yes, I just snorted yet again from actually contemplating ANYONE saying that Joe FREAKING Biden is anything other than a drooling wetbrain. Joe should be on every poster showing us the dangers of concussions. Joe struggles with understanding SHOES, folks.

To get this kicked into gear, let's watch as my new Senator, Rand Paul, shows people why Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer should not be in PUBLIC, much less actually on television.

Seriously, disingenuous Democrats like Eliot Spitzer should be forced to realize, and I'll say it very slowly, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "FEDERAL FUNDS." The money that pays for "federal programs" comes from THE TAXPAYERS. There is not a Federal tee-shirt factory that turns a profit. The real problem comes from the FACT that Republicans are TOO DAMNED NICE.

As an aside, I remember W-A-Y back when Eliot Spitzer was the bestest Democrat they had. That was before he got caught frequenting the whorehouses and had to resign as governor of New York. How a network would be stupid enough to give this CRIMINAL a television show is beyond me. Why any self-respecting person would agree to go on this CRIMINAL'S show is even more perplexing.

As far as what Spitzer said about the CBO finding that ObamaCare would save a trillion in ten years, that was BEFORE they got the actual legislation and were using the falsified numbers sent to them by the corrupt Democrat Congress. Since they got the law and are using real numbers, the best that I have seen is that medical costs are going to skyrocket (which is ALREADY happening) and the cost of ObamaCare is going to quadruple the budget, again. Only a total idiot thinks that a federally mandated medical system is going to save money. Hey, they think that giving Pell Grants to fully HALF of the kids in college is NOT the cause of escalating college costs. They think this because they are fucking morons.

You know, Spitzer makes Rachel Maddow look sane.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's on to the BLOGSHOW!!!

In case you were unaware, it has been just over five months since Obama removed his hand-picked FAILURE for Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal. I am not trashing McChrystal so much as pointing to the fact that since Barry Obama was inaugurated, he has not had a single legitimate success. Harken back to the time that George Stephanopoulos was talking about Obama's masterstroke of handling the McChrystal fiasco. Yes, Democrats are stupid, people. Pass it on.

You see, ObamaCare was passed on false pretenses. Democrats lied, the medical system died. All of the entities that pushed so hard for ObamaCare are now being let out of the mandate. Not only that, they are ending their coverage of their employees, too.

Basil says that is karma.

At least even the libtards are starting to see how bad ObamaCare really is. The New England Journal of Medicine is offering tips on how to get rid of it.

Here are one hundred eleven MORE reasons to repeal the ObamaCare boondoggle. You gotta pay back those corruptocrats that voted you into office, huh?

And believe it or not, the Democrats STILL have no clue why they lost the House.

Pelosi even has NO REGRETS.

Oh, look, Maxine Waters is embroiled in yet ANOTHER corruption scandal. There is not one human that has two brain cells to rub together that does not know that Waters needs to be in jail.

Another ACORN chief criminal pleads. yep, no voter fraud happening anywhere. We don't need no stinkin' IDs.

On the economy front, lying Democrats continue to push the meme that there is ZERO inflation. Weekly, I make groceries and put petrol in the motorcar, I know they are lying.

Dan Mitchell points out that balancing the budget is very easy if we undo everything that the Democrats have done since 2007.

However, Obama is not going to do that, he is going to have the Fed monetize our federal debt to see if he can bring down the entire economy of the world.

Here's how they are going to accomplish that collapse.

And at the same time, Obama is going to have his sycophants in the national media talk about GUH-RATE! job numbers. Or course, they are Democrats, too, so they are lying.

Finally some folks are starting to look at minimum wage and the way that Democrats pay their own slaves.

And to add insult to injury, the left is calling for a violent overthrow of I guess the House of Representatives that were just duly elected. If anyone wants to fund the meeting, I will agree to fight Ted Rall one on one to save the rest of the country from getting their hands dirty. I would willingly beat the mortal shit out of that fucktard, if it is violence he wants. GLADLY. And I would smile the entire time I was doing it too. Ted, hit me on my e-mail, I can make this happen if you want some violence.

Now, let's go to the video:

A brief primer of the different types of government and why "Progressives" are stupid...

The philosophy of LIBERTY...

Bill Whittle on the criminal Mexicans...

You really should join up at Pajamas Media to see Whittle's videos very first thing. It is free and you get Vodkapundit, too!

I want y'all to understand something in no uncertain terms. I do these linkdumps because we have to see the overwhelming amount of corruption of Democrats every single minute of the day. We should build internment camps for those idiots. TODAY.

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Andy said...

TD, your last paragraph is so right. When I work on Sunday morning, I'm partnered with a 71 year old Marine, that retired with over 26 years.

Yesterday we had some down time, and the discussion turned to politics. Now, this guy grew up dirt-crap poor in the country outside of Alexandria, LA. He used an outhouse until he joined the Marine corps, and had no electricity...the real dirt poor Louisianian of the day.

He told me, "I'm not so much pro-Republican as I am anti-Democrat. My Daddy told me when I was a kid that Roosevelt Democrats were going to one day destroy the country. We didn't have shit, and we barely ate, but he knew it was wrong. And, I've never voted for a f***ing Democrat in my life."

So, I 'fessed up and told him that I actually had voted for ONE Democrat in my life for Congress in 1980, back in the day when NO Republicans were on the ballot here in Louisiana (the guy later switched parties to R). When he heard the name of the Democrat I had voted for, I thought he was gonna slug me.

"He's a RINO, dammit!" So, I asked the crusty dude who he voted for in that election. Well, it seems he was off living in another State, serving as a jarhead. That kinda' calmed him down when I educated him that the Louisiana he left behind as a teenager didn't even really have a viable Republican Party until just a few years before he retired and moved back here.

But it was funny...I asked him if he could remember what his Daddy did when it came time to vote, seeing as there were no Republicans in Louisiana on the ballot back then. He couldn't really remember, but he said, "You can damn betcha that he wrote somebody in. Wait a minute. He couldn't write. But it don't matter that he had no education, I can guarandamntee you he didn't vote for a f***ing Democrat. And, I never will, either."

Skunkfeathers said...

*Note for Ted Rall: being as how you are a certified libtard, make good on your ideological philosophy. Yes, the one you trumpet and promote. Be the 100% pro-choice you are, save the planet from human excess, and ABORT YOURSELF*

Skunkfeathers said...

*Note for Ted Rall: being as how you are a certified libtard, make good on your ideological philosophy. Yes, the one you trumpet and promote. Be the 100% pro-choice you are, save the planet from human excess, and ABORT YOURSELF*