Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weekly Interweb News and Teh Google

When I first started my traffic studies, I was averaging between 400 and 450 page views daily. I have also blocked (from the traffic stats) the IPs of almost sixty people, too. About twenty of those IPs were spammer IPs and there are maybe forty people that regularly contact me and comment on this blog, so I knew that I did not want to count those folks, because they are NORMS!!! No, none of them are Cliffs. Maybe we have a Woody or a Coach, but no Cliffs.

What we are seeing here in this graph is one month after I jumped on the cellphone-tits-soccer-girl from Paraguay. This week in June is the first time that traffic got back to normal (for a whole week) after that nutzville. Still, six months after that craziness, we are perched at number six for "larissa riquelme nude," so we are solid for that term. Like that makes us some money or something. If there is one thing that you can take to the bank, it is that dudes looking for NEKKID chicks are not going to buy anything. They are looking for chick meat, pure, plain, and simple. I guess if you ran a pr0n site that would do you some good.

Anyhoo, after seeing what could be done with very targeted KEYWORDS to boost traffic, I continued to kick up the NUDES, but started playing with legitimate search strings. So far my spreadsheet has 114 keywords for which I have tried to rank. I have hit the first page of Teh Google on almost every, single one. I have missed on less than three percent (3%), which I think is stellar.

Not only did I discover that it is relatively easy to rank on Teh Google for something, but I also learned that you can make some good blog friends by sending some really noticeable traffic over a short period of time. This helps to develop an alliance with folks that are in your area of expertise or interest and can get some really good backlinks. Odd, people like when you send them some traffic.

Now that we have developed a theory of traffic driving, it has to be tested on more targeted websites instead of just my personal blog. After this holiday weekend, I am going to work diligently on developing my two business blogs and one other site that I am involved with. On one of the business blogs, I am going to chronicle the traffic and link building of the other two sites, as well as the studies that I am doing here. If you are remotely interested in watching that, WIN or FAIL, the only way to get that info is to sign up for the PMD Newsletter. You can do that at the pop-up on my Paul Mitchell Design website. When you put your info in that box, it comes straight to my business e-mail address, it does NOT go through an autoresponder or any kind of spammer crap. Yes, I built that pop-up MYSELF!!! Dammit, I enjoy doing stuff like that.

Speaking of building stuff like pop-ups and thingies, Teh Google has a page called "Elements" that allows you to plop some cool stuff on your site. I got the new site search box from this page. Yes, the site search works swimmingly for me. I must be a narcissist to keep searching for stuff on my own blorque.

Another page that Teh Google has that was an integral part of building my traffic to the current level was "Insights for Search." For a brick and mortar store, Insights is a great tool for local traffic. Remember, the phone book is DEAD.

For more Search Engine Optimization, you really need to grab some tools that can help you. If you are like me, you want those tools to be free, too. Try these SEO toolbars and add-ons for Firefox. They are very useful and free.

Here is a new SEO plug-in for Wordpress called "Yoast." It is still in Beta, so if you like playing with stuff and tearing it up, grab this plug-in.

Here are some Webmaster Central tips for controlling Teh Google's crawling of your site. I am going to have to get someone to implement this stuff for me, I ain't that damned good and I'll ruin something.

One of the very next things that I am going to do is to figure out how to rank in Bing. This post actually says that ranking for Bing searches is easier than Teh Google.

By the way, Teh Google Instant has got search history again.

Here is a case study on an AdWords success story.

If you are going to use AdWords, you need to understand the Optimizer, too. The Richard Petty Driving Experience uses it, check out their results. Two words, "Pornostache Beltbuckler."

And just to explain WHY you have to start getting the business clicking on the web, the internet contributes 7.2% of GDP in the United Kingdom. My guess is that percentage is ONLY going to get bigger and bigger. That is probably a very safe bet, too.

Here's a tour of the new AdSense interface. When AdSense is hitting on all cylinders, even NUDE searches net cash. And here are some more insights on the new interface.

Google Affiliate Network has some tips for holiday promotions efficiency.

This past week, Teh Google Apps has been adding existing services to the Apps Suite. Teh Google Finance, Reader, and Blogger, too!

At some point, Teh Google Docs will be as easy as FTP to use. HA! Drag and drop is added.

This last week, Docs also rolled out mobile editing. Of course, the Androids could already do this, albeit, it was a little cumbersome. Here are some tips and tricks.

Here are the Blogger updates for November. Dammit, I am glad that they got that freaking image screw-up fixed. I hated having to add the line breaks manually. Blogger has some more fonts now, too.

Captious Nut, over at Marginalizing Morons, sent me a link to a Blogger widget site that has some good stuff. Please ignore the apostrophe slaughter going on over there, they ain't doing copywriting, you know?

You Tube's automatic captioning is a year old, now. I am weird about that kind of stuff. It took me so long to start extrapolating things and reading lips that captioning drives me crazy sometimes. Well, it is not really a drive per se, it is more like a walk, across a very narrow street.

Here's more on that Howcast Filmmakers Program I told y'all about two weeks ago. YOU, yes, YOU need to be in the movies and the makers of movies.

Mashable has five places that you can find online video to inspire your future movie career.

On temporary bookmarking, with the speed with which the web is changing, and the ridiculous amount of content that I read daily, I am giving Instapaper a try. You should too.

Darren Rowse at Problogger sent out a link to StudioPress that had some great deals on some Wordpress themes. The themes are all top notch and support is offered with all packages. If you are looking to build a Wordpress blog, you could do a lot worse than these themes.

If you liked Teh Google Wave, you'll love Simplybox.

Now, do NOT forget to click through to Paul Mitchell Design and fill in that e-mail form to get the latest traffic study update stuff.

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Andy said...

Interesting stuff, TD. Dude, you got the turkey in the oven yet? And, I certainly hope The Mrs. does not require those urnge 'taters...yuk!

And, I hate to nit-pick, but "Maybe we have a Woody or a Coach, but no Cliffs."

It's "Corch."

Just sayin'...

Have a great one, TD!

Paul Mitchell said...

You know, I never put two and two together on Cheers. You mean the guy they called "Coach" was actually a CORCH? Who knew? Why didn't they just call him "Corch?"

Turkey is already ready to go, dressing is just simmering in the crockpot, peanut butter fudge is chilling in the fridge, I have yet to make the gravy, though. Julie told me that she didn't want the Orange goop, but that she likes it. Weirdo.

How is your stuffed Eggplant dinner coming, Mr. Vegetarian?

Paul Mitchell said...

Dude, the peanut butter fudge is easy as pudding pie. I used smooth this time and added fresh pecans. Plus, I always dust the top with powdered sugar, too. And I do not eat sweets at all. Go figger.


Two Dogs' Ass-Kicking Peanut Butter Fudge

1/2 cup butter
2 1/4 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup milk
1 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups (1 pound) confectioners sugar

Melt butter over low to medium heat in a saucepan. Add brown sugar, milk, and peanut butter to pan. Increase heat to a boil and boil for about 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Pour hot peanut buttery mix over the confectioners sugar and beat until creamy and smooth. our into a 9" by 13" dish and refrigerate until firm (usually about 4 hours, overnight is best.) Cut into squares.

Andy said...

Going for it. I shall post pictures, along with the recipe so that all 14 of my visitors can drool in envy, or make it theyselves.

Gone! Out the door! See ya'...