Wednesday, December 08, 2010

It is Official, Democrats ARE Evil

I have had to stop posting so frequently to allow the blog time to catch up with traffic. I am attempting to keep things right around normal so I can actually see what is going on during the run up to the Christmas traffic plunge.

Man, I hate waiting three days between posts, so much happens in that time. Like, the sixty-ninth anniversary of the Japanese sneak attacks at Pearl Harbor. There were so many good posts on this that I simply cannot link them all.

Here are a few: Full Metal Patriot, Skunkfeathers, Joe's Geosciblog, Boogie's Blog, and No Sheeples Here had a related photo of the day, yesterday.

When dealing with these Democrat caused calamities, like Pearl Harbor, the Muslim attacks on September 11, 2001, the unemployment explosion, the economy collapsing, and other stuff, I just never know what to say. My Pop always told me, "Tell the truth no matter what. It is what real men do. We are only as good as our word and our handshake..." I do my best to live up to those standards set by a man that was much greater than I could ever hope to be. Some times I fall short, but generally not where Democrats are concerned.

Face it, folks, Democrats are pond scum. From the slaughter of the Indians, to slavery and oppression of black folks, abortion at all costs, to the rape of our land, to the capitulation with dictators, Communists, murderers, terrorists, and thieves, there is not one issue where it is possible to side with Democrats. Theirs is the ideology of rape, pillage, plunder, and rape again.

Never is this ideology more apparent as during the battles over Obama's desire to increase tax rates. It is the very same thing as taking a pistol, placing it in a baby's mouth and pulling the trigger. The whole ideology of the Democrat Party is that way. They make their ideological decisions based on the number of people slaughtered when their plans are implemented.

And when countless deaths start to pile up, Democrats blame someone else and their sycophants in the national media go all in to help spread that blame to the innocent party. Make no mistake, the fact that Democrats exist is proof positive that evil is flourishing on Planet Earth.

Let's check the stats, shall we?

Food Stamp recipients are increasing at a record pace. Ignore the FACT that even having Food Stamps paid for by working people is an evil ideology. The Democrats are forcing more and more people to become shiftless, lazy deadbeats. Democrats have created an environment that applauds someone's idleness and rewards it by feeding the uninspired. Not only did Democrats create the program, but they create policy to increase the number of people in the program. They press others to become lazy-ass deadbeats. What could someone call this action other than EVIL?

Aaron Lewis says, "Freedom is your entitlement." It is hard to sum it up any better.

Freedom does not include taking money from those who earned it, and giving it to those that did not, which is the entire vote-getting policy of Democrats. There is not one intelligent person that votes for these ghoulish idiots, but Democrats continue to get elected by an ever-increasing number of class/race/sex/religion WAR VICTIMS.

And it is a WAR, people. The Democrats make their accusations with a straight face, too.

President Obama stood at the lectern yesterday and stated that the Republican Party was a group of "hostage takers" because they want to keep tax rates at their current level. Of course, Obama promptly AGREED with the Republican Party, so he is by default becoming something that he regards as EVIL. Is that not EVIL? Doing what you believe is wrong?

The worst part about that charade is that he KNOWS it is not evil, he knows that it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO, yet he still makes a production about stating that he knows it is wrong, but he is doing it anyway.

But, the fact remains, it is NOT WRONG, it is RIGHT. Obama is doing the right thing yet he is claiming that it is WRONG. What does that make him other than a liar?

Here's more from President Stupid.

The other idiots in Obama's own party maintain that keeping tax rates at the level they have been for the last seven years shall cost money. Reducing the amount of revenue coming into the federal government does NOT cost anything. Are they fucking stupid? Yes, they are, and they are also LIARS.

Look, we all know that only morons vote for Democrats. The morons vote for Democrats because Democrats are morons. Criminals vote for Democrats because Democrats are criminals. And deadbeats vote for Democrats because Democrats are deadbeats. They are honor bound to vote for their own.

The HUGE problem that was created from the Republicans negotiating with the idiot Obama stems from the extension of unemployment benefits. Granted, Democrats try to maintain that unemployment benefits help the economy, but that is simply asinine. If you take ten cents from the REAL economy, filter that dime through the myriad layers of federal bureaucracy, then pump the TWO CENTS back to deadbeats, how exactly does that do ANYTHING to help anyone other than the government and deadbeats? It doesn't, and to claim that it does pisses intelligent people off no end. Plus, do you know who pays for these unemployment benefits for deadbeats? Yes, EMPLOYERS. Do you think that adding to the burden of paying people to not work will be good for the economy?

You want the imbeciles' side of the argument? Here ya' go. They want rich people to pay for the poor folks' very lives. Of course, we used to call this SLAVERY, but there is simply no way to intelligently argue the Democrats' point. It defies all logic to exactly HOW increasing taxes on the wealthy helps anyone. There is no legitimate answer to this question, and even if there were, Democrats are too stupid to arrive at that answer.

What is on the Democrats' agenda for today? Well, of course, legalizing a bunch of criminal Mexican border jumpers and also nationalizing policemen and firemen. Is there any end to the madness of the Democrat platform? Obviously not.

What Democrats DREAM is that they can get a bunch of criminal Mexicans to vote for their party in the next election. That is not too crazy though, because about 80% of criminals vote for Democrats. Criminals vote for Democrats because Democrats protect, coddle, and reward criminal behavior. Remember Tookie Williams or Mumia Abu-Jamal?

Hey, what else can Democrats waste money on while saying that letting people keep what they is bad? What about giving a bunch of idiots a bunch of money for doing nothing, producing nothing, and basically just being a particular race? In a strange turn of events, one of those people of that protected race kinda takes offense.

If you want to make good on the promises to the people that were enslaved by Democrats, give those slaves the forty acres and a mule. Do it today and maybe we shall never have to hear about this victimhood ever again.

In related news, does anyone actually believe that money is not changing hands to get these waivers on ObamaCare? If you actually think that there is not pay-off involved, give me a call or e-mail, I have a GUH-RATE! business proposition for you.

Did y'all realize that it had been a whole year since the fraud was discovered at the IPCC that totally discredited the entire global warming "science?" Would it surprise you to find out that the criminal activity was still going on?

Would it be a surprise to find out that the Global Dumbass Climate Summit in Cancun is experiencing record cold temperatures right now?

Oh, and speaking of Cancun, would it surprise you to find out that Stacy McCain has a Cancun Rule 5 post up at the Other McCain?

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Skunkfeathers said...

I reckon you won't git no invites to Bela Pelosi's 'Abort like it's EveryDay', 'I have an illegal immigrant DREAM' party.

Nor will any of your commenters ;-) Well, maybe one or two...