Saturday, December 04, 2010

Just a Really Quick Question (or six or seven...)

Do y'all remember way back when the United States of America was in this battle of military buildup supremacy against the Soviet Union and the "Progressives" kept screeching about all the McCarthyism? Aw, man, we were just seeing Communist things all over the place without any evidence at all.

And you remember when all the old Soviet stuff was finally declassified and Old Joe McCarthy was proven to be 100% right about pretty much everything?

And you remember when not one single "Progressive" apologized for attempting to totally trash a good man's reputation to cover up for all of their American Hating Buddies?

Yeah, we remember all

Doesn't it strike you as really, really close to the very same thing going on right now with the Muslims...with the criminal Mexicans...with the Congressional Black Caucus...with the national media...with all the "Progressive" professors on campuses...with teachers unions...with the labor unions in general...with Chicago and Illinois government in general...with the elites in even the Republican Party?

Just wondering because I am feeling really Old Joe right about now.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Skunks, the truth is what you speak.

MUD said...

The truth will set you free... Or drive you crazy.

Paul Mitchell said...

Boy, ain't that the truth, MUD?

Anonymous said...

I don't remember how many times I've said "Where's McCarthy when you need him?" It's a pity he got distracted by Hollywood. He should have stuck with hunting commies in the government.

Paul Mitchell said...

Aardvark? Aardvark? Dang, man.

I do agree, Joe should have stuck with what he was doing and never hooked up with the Kennedys.