Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lefties Hate Haley and Cannot Stand Facts

I got hit with an e-mail a couple of days ago that linked Pandagon's ranting about Haley Barbour. Yes, pretty much everything that they posted was just innuendo with absolutely nothing of substance, but it proves a point.

"When was the last time you raped your mentally handicapped daughter, Senator?" (Please notice the new twist because Democrats beat their wives regularly and NOW is all cool with that. And NO, I am NOT talking about The McCainiac and his "special" daughter, Meghan.)

I want y'all to understand something about Mississippi and the normal people that live here. We do not give one shit about what color your skin is. We simply could not care less about that. Of course, dumbasses like Amanda Marcotte have no idea what we do down here because they have never been here.

In case you were unaware of Marcotte, like most everyone on the planet, she is a supreme dumbass that was webmaster for John Edwards for a minute before she got fired for hating religion. She was also a big, big, big supporter of the prostitute that tried to railroad the Duke lacrosse nancies. So, we can reach some conclusions about her intellect from her past actions.

Shocker upon shocker, the Twittah-er of Pandagon has already checked in on one of my posts, too. Despite the fact that the post that they linked did not use "sky high" in reference to inflation, as stated in the Tweet, I did say that inflation "is almost stratospheric."

I guess that the "Progressives" at Pandagon took it personally when I smacked around their intellectual equals at Alternet. Pandagon getting all upset about my takedown of their booty-buddies brings to mind what Forrest Gump said, "Stupid is, as stupid does."

So, I'll smack Pandagon around a tad.

Since we always lead with what we have learned, we must assume that the people at Pandagon have no clue what "inflation" is. Remember, they are "Progressive," so that means that they are stupid. No, there are no humans more stupid than "Progressives." There is a limit to stupidity because if you fall below a certain level of idiocy, it is impossible to make it through childhood.


Inflation is the general upward movement of prices and services as measured by the CPI and PPI. An increase in the money supply ALWAYS brings on inflation. That is not the only cause, but AN INCREASE IN THE MONEY SUPPLY ALWAYS BRINGS ON INFLATION.

Now, since the Twit that tweets at Pandagon seems to believe Zebra Jesus and his Merry Band of Economic Imbeciles when it comes to whether or not we are in an inflationary cycle, I thought that I would clue them in to some very good indicators of the TRUE rate of inflation right now.

Yes, this is a joke. No one watches color television anymore!

In January 2009, the price of gold was around 927 bucks an ounce. Today, gold is hovering just under 1400 bucks an ounce. Most traders predict gold to pass 1800 next year. In case you are a "Progressive," at around 1800, gold would have doubled in value in three years. That is a 33.33 percent increase per ounce of gold per year. There simply must be some kind of reason for that, amirite?

In case you want another price to compare, try 93% beef. In January 2009, it was around 1.94 per pound. The week ending December 17, 2010, the same beef was 2.38 per pound. (Yes, I can get it cheaper than that, too, but that is the average in the United States.) Cipher, cipher, that appears to be about a 19% increase!

Again, there simply must be something that is causing prices to rise, you know?

Of course, if you are a "Progressive," you have to blame these increases in price on the greedy corporations and those HUGE HUGE HUGE salaries that all the CEOs get.

But, for every additional dollar per barrel for crude, 100 billion of GDP is lost.

If you want a really good historical indicator of how the economy is doing, here it is. If the United States Senate is controlled by Democrats, the economy is crumbling. If the US Senate is controlled by Republicans, assume the inverse. The reason you can assume this is because it has ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE.

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Skunkfeathers said...

Pandagon gives childhood a bad name.