Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Teh Google, SERPs, and Technology Newz...

Normal people want to make more money and smart people know that as time goes by, the Interwebs is going to be the way to do that quickly and efficiently.

Since I fancy myself a smart guy, I have been spending some time trying to figure out how to rake in the dust online. Obviously, the MAIN issue is getting traffic to your page. This is easily done if you do a few very simple things.

First, you have to embrace Teh Google. Make no mistake, Teh Google simply must keep getting better or it shall be replaced as the Search Engine of choice. Right now, though, Teh Google is the main game. I was asked this morning if I was really such a Google fanboi and I must answer in the affirmative. I want traffic, so I must embrace the technology that delivers around 80% of my traffic right now. I am also playing with Bing, but seriously, their SERPs are just not very good. I do not care what the tech blogs say, I can search for hours on Bing and NEVER find anything that remotely answers my query.

Here's the target that I chased yesterday, "sarah palin nude." *Click the image to see it bigger* When we started trying to rank, there were just slightly over 1.1 million results for that string. Today, there are 1.07 million (see "B"). I dunno why we lost around 30k results, though. De-indexing maybe? But, you see that my post went up just after noon yesterday, by one of the clock, I was already number one on Teh Google Blog Search. So, it took less than thirty minute to be AT THE TOP of "Blog Search." I did make it briefly onto the front page of Google's main search page and this screenshot was taken right before I started this post. We are on the middle of page two.

I also showed you in the post yesterday that there were no GOOD images in the Instant Preview. As you can clearly see, mine has a clear photo (see "D") with a very good preview paragraph (see "C") talking specifically about Sarah Palin getting all nude-y and stuff. No preview that is outranking me is better. But,w ill I keep that traffic that we grabbed with less than admirable means? Of course not. Will that traffic be valuable in the long run? Well, they will never come back, so the answer is a big NO.

Where is this diatribe going? To consistently rank and get more and more traffic, you have to rank for the searches that people WANT. When you get that traffic, you have to be able to hold those folks in order to monetize their traffic. That is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier said than done, though. However, I have gone from about 400 regular hits per day to a little over 2000 per day since I started this traffic experiment. "Larissa Riquelme nude" did not hurt either.

Quick tips for traffic surges: Number one is obviously have a post title that is provocative. For instance, if you want to rank for Barry Obama, I suggest something to the effect of "Barry Obama Caught With Reggie Love's Junk in His Mouth." Then fire up Teh Twittah, use the same title with a shortened url, and add the hashtags #tcot, #p2, #ocra and #rebelleft. Works like a charm.

By the way, Teh Google has actually published a pdf on Search Engine Optimization. (Right click and download, it is a hotlink, I'm so bad.)

If you want some actual sustainable traffic tips, you should sign up for my newsletter at the pop-up on my website. No, I shall never give you e-mail out, I shall never spam you, and I'll never ask you for money. Well, unless you want to donate to my Pay Pal at linked on the right sidebar.

By the way, speaking of the right sidebar, please note that I now have a QR Code there. Try out your smart phone with it and you'll get all my contact info. I feel like James Bond with that crap. If you want to make your own, shoot me an e-mail and I'll let you know how.

Here be the Tech Links, yo...

You did know that Twitter has instant notifications, right? If you are like me, you turned them off because walking through the grocery listening to "DROID DROID DROID DROID" can get pretty irritating. It does help to know who re-Tweets your stuff, though. It builds relationships, which is important to making MONEY.

And here's how to customize your Twittah background with their latest interface.

If you want to know how your site stacks up against others for traffic and stuff, do a little research at this site. Enter the competitor's url and find out what they are up to.

Needlebase is another great tool for checking out your competition, and ReadWriteWeb has information to help you use it.

As far as your traffic is concerned, video is a great way to get noticed, too. If you are filling up the Twittah and the FAILbook with stuff, you can now link to You Tube COMMENTS and send traffic in more than one way. Fun stuff. You Tube comments are awesome for dropping links to your site, too. Keep in mind, You Tube is owned by Teh Google and they index everydamnedthing.

Another great Teh Google tool for increasing links, traffic, and expertise is their Moderator service. Post a series and get free Teh Google traffic to wherever and whenever you want.

By the way, if you are going to be making money online, you need to get LEGAL. You need to post a Privacy Policy and a Terms/Conditions page. Those two links shall make accomplishing those two tasks simple as pudding pie. You're welcome, hit the damned Pay Pal to compensate for my legal advice. (I am not an attorney, plus I do not lie, cheat, and steal, either. They will not let me be an attorney because I do not fit the three primary requirements.)

The Google Commerce Search is one year old.

Analytics has added some more features, AGAIN. Dude, I can't ever catch up with all their stuff.

Teh Google Affiliates has added some new folks. SEARS!!! Just in time for Christmas, too!!!

Man, it is STILL snowing here and I am starving to death. I wish there was a woman around to make me a damned sammich. Check out the latest Tivo special below, too. It is FREE FREE FREE!!!

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CaptiousNut said...

Good stuff in there. Very informative.

But it feels like homework!

Paul Mitchell said...

It is more like WORK WORK, which allegedly brings in the MONEY MONEY.

Andy said...

TD, I'm late on this one...crazy day yesterday, with more to come.

You're still on the front page as of 9:25 am (real time...not that junk y'all use). Yours is the last listing, but the difference in hits from first page to second is stunning.

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, since you got a job outside of the house, you are about as reliable as an ice cream maker with a broken handle.

Andy said...

I'm blushing...

Yeah, I'm pretty hit and miss. Mostly miss.