Monday, February 14, 2011

Blackuary Catorce - 03AB - First Negro to Preside Over United States Senate

On this day, Blackuary fourteenth, in 1879, Blanche Bruce (Republican-Mississippi) became the very first black man (and ONLY former slave) to preside over the United States Senate. Check it, black, former slave, Mississippian, Senator. Whole lot of oppression going on there, huh?

Bruce, after starting life out as a slave, attended Oberlin College, was a riverboat porter, and established a school for black folks in Hannibal, Missouri. When Reconstruction started, Bruce moved to Mississippi, became a registrar of voters and a tax assessor before winning an election as Bolivar County Sheriff. During this time, he also grew to become a prominent businessman in the Mississippi Delta. Numerous positions followed until the Mississippi State Legislature appointed him as Senator. (Yes, this was back before the Democrats took away state representation in 1913 with the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment. Democrat Woodrow Wilson, borderline Klan member, and a Democrat controlled Congress did this. That gives you just one more reason to hate Democrats, as if intelligent people needed another one.)

Well, then the Democrats were allowed to get involved with politics again and all Hell broke loose. The next man appointed immediately after Bruce, was a fucking Democrat that signed the order of succession and was a Confederate colonel. Not only that, but he was a HUGE anti-business lawyer guy. What kind of screwed up society allows being a Democrat to be legal? The Republicans abolished slavery and did not outlaw the very reason for it? That was STUPID, Republicans. In the future keep in mind, when you have a criminal, hateful, racist enterprise on the ropes, YOU KILL IT COMPLETELY. You chop off its head, you crush its eggs, you unearth its nest, and you never, ever allow it to gain another foothold.

Otherwise, you wind up with Barry Obama and his merry band of CANCER.

Now, let's check in on how the very first president to be approximately half-black is doing in the month of Blackuary.

I say, "approximately half-black" because Barry Obama refuses to sign one little form to let us see who his real parents were, the date and time of his birth, and where he was actually born. He has spent in excess of 1.4 million dollars to date to keep this document out of the public's hands. Weird, huh? TRANSPARENCY!!!

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