Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blackuary Diez - 03AB - Roots, The Big Lie

Today, on Blackuary 10, in 1992, Alex Haley, the author of The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Roots: The Saga of an American Family, passed away.

The fact that Alex Haley ever got a single work published is beyond anyone's comprehension. As a black supremacist and a racist hater of all things white, publishers should have avoided his rants completely, but I guess that sales were more important to them than actual HISTORY.

The Malcolm X book was really about attempting to make Malcolm Little seem to be more than just a violent criminal in an effort to solidify the "martyr" status of Little. Haley manipulated facts and timelines in order to accomplish this task. Currently, the fantasy tome has sold millions of copies, helping to further elevate Malcolm from the gutter in which he crawled and to mis-educate an entire generation of black folks looking for black heritage of which to be proud. (In case you are not aware, Malcolm Little is not someone that deserves your adulation.)

And Roots? The book was completely false, with huge chunks of it plagiarized from Harold Courlander's book, The African. It has always baffled me that someone would look at Alex Haley, the son of a college professor at Keith Olbermann's alma mater, the Cornell agriculture school, as being some kind of oppressed descendant of slaves. Folks, Haley was born in 1921 and his daddy was already teaching COLLEGE, then.

Alex Haley enrolled at Alcorn State University at the age of FIFTEEN. Geez, what a damned victim of slavery young Alex was.

While Haley paid the damages to Courlander for "certain passages" coming from The African, the lying liar still maintained that most of his family history was true. After his death, EVERY WORD of his book was determined to be false. In other words, Alex Haley was a bald-faced lying liar.

But, let's look at how easy Alex Haley had it throughout his life and what a POS he actually was.

First, Haley worked for Playboy, he was a pornographer. He conducted the very first interview ever published in Playboy. It was an interview with Miles Davis, by the way. Haley also interviewed George Lincoln Rockwell, the American Nazi Party leader. Since they were both socialists at heart, the interview went swimmingly.

Haley's work has been denied inclusion in the Norton Anthology of African-American Literature, too, because of its utter dishonesty. And guess who denies the entrance? Well, shit fire and save matches, none other than the supreme victim himself, Hank Gates, the Harvard professor who was one of the attendees to President Obama's BEER SUMMIT.

That is simply too amazing, amirite?

Anyhoo, there were actually some folks, important to black history, we need to honor today.

1927 - Leontyne Price was born. Born in Laurel, Mississippi, attended black schools, and grew up in Mississippi during the height of the Democrats/Klan's Jim Crow Reign of Terror, yet STILL managed to emerge as a superstar. Imagine that!

1937 - Roberta Flack was born. Pop singer extraordinaire. And she did not pronounce the word, "BWOI."

1964 - Birth of Glenn Beck. A broadcaster integral to the exposing of criminal and unconstitutional behavior by the first half-black president of the United States. Beck will ultimately be lauded as a person that helped crush the ideology of "Progressivism" that has utterly destroyed the black family.

And please remember BLACK POWAH!!!

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Anonymous said...

What does Haley care? He got his money...cha-ching.

Why do you assume the truth is the most important thing? Look at Lincoln's place in our culture with his actual statements from his era, hint: They don't match up, not even close.

Who cares about truth when imagery can make reality in any form you want? Re-writing (re-imaging) history, a historical persons real feelings, etc...

Sad to say but truth and facts really don't matter anymore...this is idiocracy!


Paul Mitchell said...

Roderick, Haley doesn't care because he has been dead for nineteen years, but still his bullshit is taught in public school. As HISTORY!!!

Dude, we had to WATCH that Roots crap as homework when I was in school.

And I agree, we are in the midst of the coming New Dark Ages.

Moogie P said...

I had to watch Roots as homework, too! That almost sent my parents to an early grave. But, the mini-series did have the desired effect on a whole lotta white guilt.

And, I must agree with Roderick -- history is what you make it, nit what it acctually was. Kinda like "situational ethics."

Anonymous said...

Were either of you beaten up at school when that series came out.

The older folks I speak to who grew up in that era had some raw emotions when Roots was on TV. It is one thing to read about slavery but to see it visually depicted is a whole new ball game.

Just curious, want to broaden my sample size.


Paul Mitchell said...

Naw never beaten up because of black racism. I got beaten up every so often, but it was never about that fantasy about how slavery was.

When I watched the series, though, all I could think about was that these slaves were their property, why destroy their own stuff. Then I found out that the whippings and stuff were very few and far between.

Roderick, the weirdest thing about the whole slavery thing is that black folks in Mississippi still eat chitterlings, even now that they are NOT slaves. That is seriously fucked up.

Andy said...

Roderick, I graduated from high school in 1977, and I was not beaten up in school when Roots came out. There WAS racial violence in my high school, though. It seems that the black kids were always beating the shit out of each other, but left us white kids alone.

The girls especially enjoyed mixing it up. Weird, I thought.

The history of slavery in the US is a VERY interesting study. The beatings were minimal, probably on par with white farmers in the north that beat their kids, or wives for not pulling a plow to suit them. Bad folks are bad folks. And the extent of "slave ownership" has been greatly overblown. Most farmers "owned" zero, or only one slave. Of course, one is too many, but the misinformed have this image of every white guy with a couple of hundred slaves, and a harem of house-gals for sex. I'm sure there were some, but it was definitely not the rule.

Bad folks are bad folks.

Roderick, you make an excellent point about Massa Lincoln. I'm hoping that Mr. Mitchell will note Abe the RAAAAAAAAAACIST on his birthday, since he was the second most racist President behind Clinton.

And Paul, my Granddaddy ate chitterlings, and he was not black. But, I'll agree, it was f****d up! He grew up dirt poor on a hog farm in North Carolina, and never lost his taste for them. Pickled pigs feet, too. (He called 'em hog knuckles)

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I have always thought that LBJ and FDR were the most racist. LBJ because he hated black folks enough to push through welfare to destroy the black family and FDR because he appoint Hugo Black to the Supreme Court. Black was in the Klan and was a Justice until 1971.

Andy said...

Okay, I'll give ya' LBJ as more racist than Clinton.

LBJ actually once said that he appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court because he wanted to see the look on peoples' faces when they saw a "nigger" on the Supreme Court.

His words.

As far as FDR, I can't really classify him a racist. He just hated all poor people, regardless of color. Otherwise, he never would have envisioned the welfare state. However, he did have several Nazis in his inner circle, so maybe he was.