Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blackuary Veintidos - 03AB - ShiMuFuHell, Turn Them Tunes On, Main!!!

Ronald McNair was an accomplished saxophonist, a physicist, and he did something else, too. Oh, yeah, he got blown up on Challenger. Plus, in his hometown, he is only person that is famous except for pro athletes.

And Frazier Baker.

On this day, Blackuary 22, in 1898, Frazier Baker met the military wing of the Democrat Party. Oddly enough, it was NOT the Ku Klux Klan, but a better dressed version of it, the Redshirts. You see, Democrats have ALWAYS been Communists and Socialists, even before that ideology became necessary for tenure at universities.

It seems that Mr. Baker had the dubious distinction of being appointed postmaster by Republican President William McKinley, and that did not sit too well with the Democrats in Lake City. It never sits real well with Democrats when black folks do not stay in the projects and make groceries with food stamps, even before there were projects and food stamps.

Of course, McKinley got dead because of the "Progressives," too. His murderer was the anarchist, Leon Czolgosz. This is a continuing saga of NOTHING GOOD ever coming from the "Progressive" camp. There has never been anything of any value come from "Progressives" and until they are eradicated from the planet, there will be murder, crime, mayhem, and stupidity. But, enough about the Wisconsin public school teachers.

Frazier Baker was murdered by the Democrats on this day in 1898. A reign of terror that continues to this very day.

By the way, a little over 100 years later, the moronic Democrats in the South Carolina State House tried to make up for their crimes, NOT BY PAYING RESTITUTION to the victims of their attempts to reinstate slavery and keep the Negroes on the plantation, but by attempting to erect a marker at the site of their crimes.

In other words, the exact same thing that the Muslims are trying to do by building a Victory Mosque at Ground Zero. It is kinda offensive, too.

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