Sunday, February 06, 2011

Drive-By Blogging - Global Warming? Lower Unemployment? Egypt?

It has been the typical week at the Barry White House with failure after failure, while his cheerleaders in the media try to attach all of the Barry FAIL to Ronald Reagan. You would think that they would have SOME shame, but you would be wrong.

Still, yet again, Barry has had a complete week of failure with zero successes. One hundred six (106) straight weeks of fail from the dude that MORONS said was the Smartest President in History. You would think that even a President with marginal intelligence could get one success in 106 weeks and you would be right. We simply have to come to the conclusion that Barry Obama is a complete idiot. He does not possess even marginal intelligence and he has proved it so many times that it is unavoidable. Just like Barry said this past week, "It is time for him to go." Of course, Barry is so stupid that he was talking about Hosni Mubarak instead of himself.

Speaking of Egypt and their officials, what happened to the ridiculous idea that Barry was going to make everyone in the world like the United States even more? Dude, everyone in the world knows that Obama is such an idiot that they would rather talk to Muslim terrorists than his dumb ass. Much like Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman has said. From where I'm standing, Jimmuh Cartuh is not looking as stupid as he should compared to the current Imbecile in Chief. Never thought I would be able to say that Jimmuh was smarter than anyone, but that was before we discovered the Obamessiah.

Of course, Barry Obama's suck buddies in the national media are in full blown Cover Barry's Ass Mode. So much so that they cannot even be bothered to try to squirrel their previous writings down the rabbit hole.

Of course, who could blame the Egyptians for snubbing the idiot in the White House when Barry has been actively trying to destabilize their government while he destroys ours?

Dr. Sowell told us all that Obama was an idiot. Watch.

Not only have they been awful at handling everything, including the economy, but, they just lie their asses off when everything goes to Hell in a handbasket.

Stephen Green brings even more on the unemployment issue.

The Mayor of Mitchieville takes down the idiots at Bloomberg on the unemployment issue.

Pundit Press says that the "Progressives" are blaming the unemployment thingy on the weather. AGAIN.

Zero Hedge has a graph showing how the unemployment numbers look.

On the Rio Norte Line, the talk is of the fact that everyone is now a felon. But, you cannot rule innocent men.

Lisa G has an excellent news roundup.

FMP reminds us that children are not going to know what snow even is.

Pundit Press has a post about how Barry Obama has been studying Reagan and that NPR is saying Reagan is Obama's Patron Saint. MADNESS!

To end this on a positive note, Basil has Obama/Egypt $25,000 Pyramid with Nipsey Russell.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Sowell is easy to listen to. @ 3.00 - 3.20 when he sums up B. Hussien as being someone that will continue on his road of idiocy regardless of how deep he drives the economy into the ditch... What do you call someone that never, never, learns?
Lots of good stuff at his uni. site too I recall.

I don't think that B. Hussien and R. Reagan should even be mentioned in the same sentence.

Jim Hoft is reporting that Marine families have gotten notices that their loved ones will be landing in Egypt in order to hasten an american civilians evacuation.
and, "that ought to go over well"

Unknown said...

In last year's State of the Union, Obama declared job creation his "No. 1 focus," then spent much of 2010 on other priorities like overhauling healthcare and Wall Street rules.

With the elevated unemployment rate still ranking as Americans' top concern, there is little doubt jobs will again be the centerpiece of Obama's speech.

But more than ever before, Obama is also expected to use the annual address to cast himself as more of a fiscal hawk, possibly a tough sell for a leader presiding over trillion-dollar-plus annual budget deficits.

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Paul Mitchell said...

Marc, I agree on all counts. As far as Egypt is concerned, do you find it the height of hypocrisy that Obama is calling for Mubarak to step down because of the protests there and Obama did not step down when over twenty times as many people protested for over a year here when he rammed through ObamaCare?

Jazzie, Obama is as much a fiscal hawk as Hillary Clinton. Which is to say, not at all.

Aurelius said...

Thanks for the link, paul

Paul Mitchell said...

Aurelius, y'all are quickly becoming one of the top sites for solid news in my opinion. Great job.