Monday, February 28, 2011

President Dumbshit is Dumb...

Look, there is not a single person left on Earth that thinks Barry Obama possesses even marginal intelligence anymore. Even leftist dumbasses have finally awakened to the knowledge that homeless people walking down the sidewalk screeching at the sky are more knowledgeable on everything than Barry will ever be.

But, this morning, on the radio, I heard Dumbass Obama say something that made me almost pull over and bang my head on the steering wheel.

Obama said it did not do anyone any good to "denigrate" public employees.

Look, folks, I know that y'all thought it was a good idea to elect a guy because he looked black. Yes, it has been far too long since our country was founded to finally get around to electing a black dude. Even I said that we would have a black dude before we had an any-colored woman president. But, Holy Lord G_d Almighty, did y'all have to scrounge around to find a black dude that was a dung-eating buffoonish clown that regularly gets his head smacked while drinking from the toilet?

Domestic turkeys appear of genius level intellect beside Barry Obama, folks.

Okay, let's parse what President I Have No Clue About Anything in the World said.

The situation that Barry the Dense was addressing was the public school teachers wilding in the streets in Wisconsin. The very same public school teachers that are talking about "tea-bagging" children, sodomizing people, comparing themselves to the slaughtered in the Middle East, comparing their boss to Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and all the other "Progressives" that those very same teachers are identical to, and getting paid from tax money trough to NOT WORK.

It should be legal to wade into their protest and start slinging fists. People this freaking stupid are a national security risk, folks. I have seen some of those marching idiots with children, too, so they are actually SPAWNING!!! Idiocracy, here we come! Yes, they have already reduced our crop output by demanding Ethanol for their Toyota Pious. Hopefully that average smarty dude that saves us is right around the corner.

You see, to produce ANYTHING, you have to have a place to do it, you have to have some materials, and you have to have labor to produce the product. Usually, the labor is the largest portion of that COST of production. Now, when Democrats took over DC in 2007, the very first thing that they did was increase the very cost of everything in the entire country by increasing minimum wage. They jacked up labor costs to levels that are totally unsustainable.

What that did, AS ALWAYS, was immediately increase the cost of EVERYTHING. Of course, only the people making minimum wage were not affected, yet those making more were forced into austerity measures to keep the same expenses. The economy automatically retracted.

Oddly, enough, when Democrats did that, those people that were already teetering on the financial abyss edge, fell over the cliff with their mortgages on houses that literally they could not afford. And the domino effect went wild.

Look, we cannot expect Democrats to understand anything about reality. They are idiots. They always have been. Yes, there are a few Republicans that are idiots, The McCainiac and his dumbass daughter come immediately to mind, but at least being an idiot is not a prerequisite to join the Republican Party like it is to become a Democrat.

You want the solution to the public school problem? Okay, yes, I do have it.

First, do away with that stupid notion that classrooms can only have 15 students. We have been lowering the teacher:students ratio for forty years and test scores are NOT going up. There is ZERO cause and effect there. If anything, it is inverse to what you are publishing.

Quit offering "free" lunches, breakfast, snacks, and take home dinners. Most of all, quit tying that to fucking school performance, you idiots.

Alternative schools? Holy shit, you have got to be kidding me!!! If a kid is a problem, throw his/her ass out. No school for you! It is NOT a right, it is a HUGE privilege. The world needs ditch diggers, too.

Bring in competition by allowing public monies to be spent on private schools. Let people decide the product they want to purchase and take their business there. How long do you think that your neighborhood school would stay open? One day? Two?

Finally, the first teacher that bitches about a FUCKING PENSION gets shot. Period. What the Hell is a "pension" anyway? Do you know? I don't, I have never been employed by the government and would not understand being able to retire at forty-five fucking years old with twenty years "service" and never have to hit a lick at a snake for another fifty damned years. Who came up with that stupid shit?

Anyhoo, watch this video from Heritage and Reason.

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Boogie said...

"The world needs ditch diggers too."

So terribly true. Not everybody is meant for higher learning. Yes, I believe all men (and women) are created equal, but that implies we are all born with the same rights, NOT the same talents. If that was the case, I'd have used my Clapton-esque guitar picking talents to make outrageous sums of money and retired to a life of studying thelogy and econimics at my beach house on my own island, making occasional forays into Africa for mission trips and safaris. But such is just not the case.

Boogie said...

Economics, that is...dang phone.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oooo, huge problem here. Your Mobile MoM doesn't use Disqus.

Anonymous said...

The past two years have been an exercise in dumbassity. Why does it take moonbats so long to get a clue?