Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Headlines - This Ain't Good Atall...

This past week has been a doozy for Dumbass Obama. On Wednesday he released yet another doctored birth certificate in the hopes of drawing attention away from the FIRST IN HISTORY Press Conference from the Federal Reserve.

Plenty of folks were distracted, especially after the national media started pointing and talking about it. Seriously, I checked damn near every major media outlet on the entire interblarqs and NOTHING about The Bernanke having his presser. Since you did not see the Fed Presser, Ben said NO QE3!!!

There is no way around releasing the Hounds of QE3. The market will collapse without the 200 BILLION a month buying in. The Obama Feckless Team will say they are not flooding the market with useless greenbacks, but, they'll still be doing it. If not, watch the market at the end of June. And Barry will resign.

By the way, I have never noticed Mr. Obama looking as MANLY as he does in the photo here. I'm glad he borrowed the leather pouch from his hideous wife for this photo-op.

Here are the headlines from the week. Enjoy.

Timothy McVie was a Muslim sympathizing Moonbat. But, let's call him a rightwinger, mmmmkay?

President Dumbshit McIdiot is going to sue our way to lower gas prices.

But, but, but, the federal government takes TWENTY-FOUR times as much per gallon of gas than the oil companies receive!!!

And forcing companies to stop drilling is NOT the way to lower prices for petrol.

In Hawaii, where Obama's family fled to when they moved from the mainland to be with their Communist buddies, gas is almost five bucks a gallon.

Here are some more ideas that Barry has to bring down pump price. By the way, when it is time for the election, Barry will lift all restrictions on all drilling in the country is he is not in jail yet.

And why all this pressure on the need for fossil fuels? Because a bunch of enviro-terrorists that have been wrong on EVERYTHING.

So, while we are getting crushed by NOT INFLATION, we still are paying for Barry Obama to run hither and yon to Democrat fundraisers.

Of course, the President is RETARDED if he thinks that Nancy Pelosi is one of the finest Speakers of the House EVER.

Oh, yeah, tax the rich, they don't pay their "fair share." By the way, if we do not get rid of all the Democrats very soon, the rich will go extinct.

In case you were the last person on Earth that knew that President Feeble and his minions in the Dumbass Party were liars, here is a rundown.

My industry? Jimmuh Cartuh-esque. Even if we bounce the President Obama and the Democrats out of DC in 2012 completely, construction will not return to normal until 2015.

Obama went to Easter Service at a Hate on Whitey Church.

When Barry opened up the latest fake birth certificate, he really opened a can of worms with his past. Here are a few articles that were always available, but no one ever threw them out there. With a coupla' new ones thrown in for good measure.
Obama Past 1.
Obama Past 2.
Obama Past 3. He is not licensed to practice LAW? WTF?!?!?!
Obama Past 4. Radicals pay for Barry's college.
Obama Past 5. He was a miracle sent down from Heaven.
Obama Past 5. Obama is a Communist, so you are racist for hating him.
Obama Past 6. Barry's dad got kicked out of Harvard for serial womanizing? Well, shit, we don't have to worry about Barry doing that.
Obama Past 7. Wow, look at all the diversity of opinion at the Harvard Law Review. Do you think that they collaborated on Mein Kampf and Das Kapital, too?

In case you are curious, yes, balancing the budget without raising taxes is easily accomplished. Anyone that knows anything knows that. Of course, that excludes ALL "Progressives," because they do not know anything about anything under the moon.

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guest said...

We will be lucky to see a recovery in 2014. I don't think all the crap will shake out the market by that time. It may start to recover around that time, but not be much of an improvement over current levels. Too much overhang and too few qualified buyers chasing too little money.

We havent even talked about the commercial sector......

Cousin_Andy said...

TD, I'll come back and hit the links after work. But, quickly, I have ALWAYS believed that Islam was behind the OKC bombing. Some very intelligent people...including that Democrat lawyer Schippers, or something that argued the Clinton impeachment, have looked into it and concluded it was not militia types behind it, rather radical islam.

paul_mitchell said...

Yeah, we always knew that Terry Nichols got his junk from the Muslims, but I guess Clinton had a vested interest in covering that up after his DOJ had just gotten through slaughtering the folks at Waco.

paul_mitchell said...

I am trying to paint a rosy picture for the future. I have HOPE that we will retake Congress and the White House in 2012 and can immediately roll back minimum wage and get this train back on the tracks. If they don't abolish minimum wage or at least back it down to a reasonable level, lower paying jobs will never return to our country. Sad really.

Red said...

Is that Sheryl Crow? She's gross.

paul_mitchell said...

Are you talking about the Sheryl Crow that used to sing backing for Clapton? I think she has brown hair and a huge mole on her chin.

Red said...

Nah, she dyed her hair blonde a while back. Don't know about the mole but she still has that stupid "I'm only wiping my mudd butt with one square" grin.

paul_mitchell said...

Maybe that is why Michelle is standing like that, too.

Basil said...

You know, I seem to recall that McVeigh made a comment about "more to come" leading up to his execution. I am going by memory so I could be way off-base here.

paul_mitchell said...

McVeigh never impressed me as the brains of the outfit and Nichols tried to tell them who had financed the dealio, but the Clinton DOJ wanted none of it. It always struck me as very odd that McVeigh's death penalty was carried out in just over six years from crime to injection. That third dude, I can't remember his name, said the same things. I have racked my brain for his name, but that doesn't matter because he has already served his time and now has a new name and is in the witness protection program. Seemed like ten to twelve for being involved in the deaths of over seventy people.