Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Thin Black Line - Obama's Upcoming Race Riots

With the release of the birth certificate, FINALLY, Obama has triangulated the parties involved and is preparing for the race riots that are bound to happen.

I told you that this would happen and this idiot would set race relations back 100 years if elected. I told you it would happen.

You see, the problem which we are dealing with is the very same that Libtards say happens with police when a black dude get shot by those very same police. Think about Rodney King. It is never about the actual occurance, it always has to be about skin color. Why do you think that black folks and "Progressives" support releasing cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal? It certainly NOT because he is not guilty of killing Daniel Faulkner, they want Mumia out because he is black. Mumia's guilt has NEVER been questioned. He killed a WHITE police officer, yet they want Mumia back walking the streets.

Also ignore the fact that Barry Obama is NOT your typical "black" person. He is at best half-black and never associated with black folks, except for Uncle Frank Marshall Davis, until college. He is basically like every, single spoiled middle-class kid in the country. Get to college and hang out with the idiots, get stoned, and skip classes. He admitted this in Dreams from my Father, but of course, no one READ the book. Plenty of folks bought it, but no one read it.

I read it before most people had ever heard of President Douchebag. And, I had posted on Obama when he was known as Senator Leftie McShitass. Granted, in my delve into his history in October 2005, I told y'all that he was too stupid to ever become relevant. I had the temerity to compare him to Rangel and McKinney!!! How wrong was I then?

So, why this post now? Because I have a couple of friends, that happen to be black, that will not even talk to me any more because of Barry Obama. These are people that I have known and hung out with for YEARS before they even heard of him. They are people that I considered some of my best friends in the world until Barry Obama showed up on their radar. So, because of Barry's skin color, skin on a dude that they have never met in their entire lives, they will no longer acknowledge my existence, a dude they have known for YEARS.

Not only that, but when I was saying the very same thing about Bill Clinton, as I am saying now about Barry, RAAAAACISM! was never brought into the conversation. These are friends of mine that have never bought a baby-killing, and would never consider it, they go to church on a regular basis, they have never lived on food stamps or government subsidies of any kind, and they are fine upstanding members of society that would never support the ideology of Barry Obama in any fashion, YET they voted for him.

What shall we call this total contradiction other than RAAAAACISM?

So, how is a WHITE person to debate something that is utterly unexplainable? Logic and rational thought do not enter into the equation, folks. I have no clue how to deal with this. When someone has been your friend for years and suddenly abandons that friendship because of some obscure black politician with whom they have nothing in common, and even when those very friends have never been involved with politics at any level until the BLACK GUY, we have a monumental problem.

I really have no idea how bridge that divide. Lyndon Johnson was right in everything that he did to keep the flames of Democrat racism alive.

But, since I am all about the math...

Since blacks only make up about twelve or thirteen percent of the population of this country, I believe that Republicans should come out and speak plainly, definitively to the national media and say, "To all of the black folks that are voting for Democrats simply because those voters want something from the government, we do not want you in the Republican Party. If you are not a deadbeat and you want something more for your life other than some kind of handout and to expect some kind of extra consideration because of the freaking color of your skin, then we want you in the Republican Party. Until you can set aside the racism that is endemic in your "black" community, you shall never have a place in the political debate in the Republican Party. Go beg from your racist masters at the Democrat National Convention."

Just my two cents. And I miss you guys, but I guess I was not that important to y'all because I am not dark enough.

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guest said...

I think it's time for a name change. Too many people will never vote for a Republican but would vote for a Conservative.

paul_mitchell said...

Let's go all-in and call it "The Anti-Obama Party."

The Okie said...

I believe that your "ex-friends" weren't ever worthy to be on your friend list in the first place if that's how they want to play it. I also pretty much believe that racism is perpetuated by people who react just like your ex-friends did in this instance. My personal experience is that when somebody plays the ol' race card, then hell yeah, I am.

Anonymous said...

For just the next election I'd go for that. On a long term basis I seriously suggest a name, if not leadership change.

Oh and I do agree with your racism point. Have long expected violence. It has been preached for too many years now in various black organizations.

paul_mitchell said...

It is simply nutz to me. So, whatevs....

Disgruntled said...

Until Barry has himself a Soul Train Music Award he's as white as sour cream. Honestly it's never about race, it's about ability. Are you capable? If the answer is yes, please report to your station and get to work. If the answer is no, please STFU about how you and your ilk were abused, mistreated, enslaved, whatever.

I am sure at some point in my family history dating back a few hundred years, my ancestors were owned by some one else's ancestors, Romans perhaps. Should I sue Italy for reparations?

If you play the race\gender\sexual orientation\age\hight\ weight\depth card you deserve nothing but contempt and pity from your fellow humans for not sucking it up.

Does anyone think it works that way in the wild?

Cousin_Andy said...

The Okie (I wonder who that is?) stole some of my thunder. Those people were not your friends to begin with. Maybe you were their "Magic Whitey" or something. Friends don't cut each other off because of politics, or religion, or whatever.

I am certainly hoping that ONE of them is not who I hope it's not.

There are some things that I guess can not be understood by mortal man. One is how this jackass was ever elected to the highest elected office on the planet. Another would be why people even bother with us if they really don't love us enough to stick with us regardless of our differences.

I am sure that made ZERO sense. It's late, and I'm sundowning.

paul_mitchell said...

Disgruntled, perfect statements, one and all. Is Don Cornelius still on Soul Train?

paul_mitchell said...

Roderick, I betcha good money that Bolivia is going to have a "black problem" soon enough. They have fully embraced Moonbattery with their giving of "rights" to the Earth. I had totally forgotten about that article you linked. Good stuff, too. Here's a link to the pdf:

Dude, why you hate black folks so much?

Roderick said...


I don't hate anybody, but I am now realizing the whole black identity in America thing is wrong. It has to end, having an identity that is based on the absence of whiteness is bad, very very bad. If whiteness is getting educated then guess what will blackness represent? If whiteness is speaking a certain way, guess what will blackness represent?

See how this is bad, the black identity in US was created and propagated by the majority designated group. So whatever the majority is the "black" minority is not. If this is the basis for your identity then this can only end badly, period.

If the native "black" population (I am not talking about Caribbean and African immigrants whose organic cultural history is not defined by how much they're not like another group) continues in the US then it will have to be defined by what it is not or who it is willing not to be like. Do you see how wrong this is.

The native black identity (I am ignoring African and Caribbean immigrants because they don't have identity problems like African Americans) was not organic, it was designated to stigmatize a specific group. How is that positive, your marked and stigmatized and then your supposed to see that as good to be marked. Explain that one to me.

At the expense of repeating myself, you can't have an identity who sole purpose was to designate who you are not like. I am black because I am not white, uh...ok. No that is not OK. I am black because that is the organic identity forged by my people, well that is ok. See the difference, it is a big big allows a people to progress while the other keeps it at the bottom.

It has to end.


paul_mitchell said...

Oh, I was just funning you about hating on the black folks. I seriously do not know how to take my friends (that happen to be black) worshiping the Obamessiah, Roderick. Especially after he has basically bankrupted them. That is why I posted the comment today from "snowmaster." There are some people that still believe that the reason over half of the country hates the Dumbass President is because of the color of his skin. And I am assuming that my friends are somehow thinking that about me too, even though we have hung out together through some of the roughest times in my life. It just leaves me totally confused that they would dump me because I hate "Progressives" and they are not "Progressive." Some of my friends are racists.

Roderick said...

I only responded that way because I was thinking that comment could be seen as anti-black versus seeing the current bad situation with very limited solutions.

Take your friends as they are, either they will get to a point where what they are doesn't matter or they won't. Why avoid reality, they will be what they want to be on their terms.

No point in expending energy trying to understand someone that doesn't want to be understood. Just hope they will get to the point where you want them to be, and if they don't ever make it you should be ok with that too.

Better to accept life as it is then trying to put in a headlock. At least you'll be less stressed.


paul_mitchell said...

To me, it all falls back on the old philosophy issue. Until we begin to accept a man for that man's accomplishments, instead of his being a part of some protected group, nothing will ever change. Face it, people voted for Obama because of his cover, not because of his ability.

Seems like Martin King said something about that at one time before the population of the world became shit dumb.