Saturday, April 23, 2011

Traffic Update

April 2011 has been the second highest traffic month in Your MoM's history. We experienced a TEN THOUSAND percent increase from last April, which was before we started the "Two Dogs' Patented Get Mo' Traffic" program. If we do the same year to year, we shall break the internet by 2012.

Wonder why the month with the fewest posts is the second highest traffic month? Odd. Y'all HATE ME.

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joanne casey said...

Congrats, it's a good feeling when the readers go up.

Cousin_Andy said...

You're gonna break the internet by 2012. Hell, I guess the Mayans were right.

Ummmm...just curious here, and it really ain't none of my business, but I'd be a bad cousin if I didn't axe.

So, what does a 10,000 % traffic jump translate to in coins? (I mean, percentage-wise).

Just curious. You don't have to answer publicly. Hell, you don't even have to answer privately.

Just curious.

paul_mitchell said...

I have gotten three checks total from Teh Google since last August. But, it appears to be coming to an end. FAILbook seems to be where the ad change is right now and I am not going to run a campaign on there at all.

Cousin_Andy said...

Cool. Give 'er a rip! They's got to be gold in some of them thar virtual

paul_mitchell said...

It sure would be really, really cool if I could pan some of it right now.

Cousin_Andy said...

Yeah, with ObozO in the mansion, and all his nifty policies, I'm pretty sure
your chosen profession pretty well sucks right now. My "personal" business
is as slow as I've ever seen it...and Daddy's biz just flat out sucks (which
is really strange because he does so much biz with gubmit agencies). If I
didn't have my day job, I'd be going backwards big time.

paul_mitchell said...

Andy, I started in construction when Barry the First was in office. The construction industry was not as dead then as it is now. And it is about to get much, much worse with China calling in over 2/3rds of their treasuries.

Cousin_Andy said...

The first Barry? Oh, you're talking about the bucktoofered one...not the
big eared, peanut head one. Yeah, I remember those days well. Jimmuh did
his best to screw the nation into a block of granite. I'm just hoping
against Mr. Hopey/Changey/dipshit that he had NOT permanently finished off
what Carter started.

We'll see.

paul_mitchell said...

Andy, gold at 1500, silver at 46 bucks. It doesn't look good at ALL.

Cousin_Andy said...

No s*&t!... Dangit, TD, I had bought gold at about 225. When it got to
300, I thought, "Good profit...ain't goin' no higher...we need a vacation,
etc." Sold it. S*&T!!! By the time I realized it was headed through the
roof, I was too broke to get back in.

I did hold on to my silver, but now I'm afraid to even THINK about cashing

marc in calgary said...

The chinese debt thing has actually alarmed me more than my usual "mildly displeased" with the rest of the world. Sure the markets will be just fine tomorrow. Hey the new electric Nissan Leaf is car of the year!

Any of your neighbors dug up the front lawn for potatoes yet?

paul_mitchell said...


paul_mitchell said...

Me too, Marc. Things are about to go from really worse to more worser.

Cousin_Andy said...

Really? Or, are you just trying to make me doubt my uncertainty?

paul_mitchell said...

Andy, seriously, I can imagine what you are supposed to do. What will silver be worth when the whole world has disrupted into chaos? Not as much as food.

Cousin_Andy said...

I guess we're of the same mind. Gots NO IDEA how to proceed...well, really
I do. Got the plans laid, the place to go, supplies, ammo, etc.

Man, I really hope them Mayans were right, and we get to quit worrying about
this pretty soon.

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