Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Drive-By Blogging - Obamanomics and Failure

I have received a few e-mails expressing concern about my intended absence and I wanted to let y'all know that my health is awesome. I am unsick, folks. Do not worry about that. No, what has happened is that I am quickly running out of cash, you know, that stuff that buys FOOD?

You see, about a year ago, I shifted life gears to try to modify my personal life to include someone else and her spawn. This did not work out the way that I had envisioned and relocating to The 'Tuck put a huge strain on the PMD cash flow. Once back in The 'Sip, I have struggled to reestablish the business that I once enjoyed, failed, and so it is on to something else. This gulps up huge chunks of my time, but it has to right now. It is certainly temporary.

And the root cause? "Progressivism." Plain and simple, there are no other causes.

Most of y'all understand that the individual, that is staunchly opposed to having to fund the failures of failures, never places any strain on any other individual. The "Progressive" and his overwhelming desire to bring every person down to his failing way of thinking needs slaves on the plantation. Excellence is punished severely.

Such is the nature of Hopey-Change and always will be.

Will the United States survive the Obamanation? But, of course. As long as there are intelligent people on this Earth, the idiocy of "Progressivism" will never succeed for very long. Good always triumphs over evil in the end. Yes, when evil wins out, it is always for a short period of time and then smarter heads prevail. "Progressivism's" fallout is swift, brutal, and complete, everyone is harshly affected.

Of course, intelligent people always HOPE that "Progressivism" will be dead for good this time, but that will never happen. As long as there remains a shred of mediocrity in the world, there will always be "Progressivism." It was planned in the beginning, too. Plus, I see it as G_d's plan from the jump.

Do you really think that G_d actually placed Adam and Eve in the Garden thinking that they would not fall? Of course not, He is all-knowing. He knew that "Progressivism" would rear its ugly head and bring about the fall. Since the very beginning of the whole history of man, "Progressivism" has been the scourge on this Earth. Throughout history, you can look back and see without any doubt that "Progressivism" has kept us from experiencing the true joys that are possible when we take care of our own business.

When we move forward away from "Progressivism," we are doing what is expected and we are doing RIGHT. Evil can never be completely defeated, because for every action, there MUST be an equal but opposite reaction.

And it seems that I have an overwhelming need to point out that evil wherever it may rear its ugly head. Yes, Barry Obama is an evil person. Do I think that he is the anti-Christ? No, he is not smart enough to be that, but he must be defeated in everything that he attempts because he is decidedly anti-human. "Progressives" always are.

Here is a quick linkfest to show you what evil is bringing into the world.

With the onslaught against working people, and to try to make stupid people follow the Obama evil, raising the minimum wage has forced the largest employer of minimum wage people to start using machines to phase out those HIGH PAID workers. Note also that CASH is being negatively affected by this move as well.

Not only are those lower income earners DESTROYED by Obamanomics, the people that shall never be affected by any government actions are further insulated from the very policies they profess to support. ObamaCare waivers for EVERYONE in Dumbass Voting Precincts! I am guessing that Hank Johnson's seat is safe until the end of time.

My chosen industry continues the race to the bottom. Jimmuh Cartuh envisioned it, Bill Clinton accelerated it, and Barry Obama drove the final nails in the coffin.

Detroit is the future of the country if "Progressivism" is allowed to continue. I actually had twenty-six posts from which to choose to point out the glaring evidence of what a "Progressive" city becomes in a short period of time.

Social Security is not secure any longer. Obama is going to kill your parents and grandparents.

However, as always, intelligent people are out there, folks. IF you are able to drown out the voices yelping about false prophets and how smart THEY are. Paul Ryan is one of those smart people.

Frank J. says that we need better villains than Muslims to combat, "Progressives" are the worst villain of all because they attempt to slaughter us with "kindness."

Again, we'll survive this as long as intelligent people continue to fight the good fight against the "Progressives" and their devastating ideology.

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Skunkfeathers said...

God likes to keep a few 'progressives' around so's we can be reminded of how corrosive they are; but I think God also allows for progressives like Ed Schultz, because God has a tremendous sense of humor, and morons like Schultz just amuse the heckydarnpoo outta the Big Guy. 

paul_mitchell said...

I wish he would just keep them around in museums or zoos.  That sure would be a lot easier on us non-idiotarians.

Roberthagedorn said...

Adam and Eve?  Do a search:  First Scandal.

paul_mitchell said...

Interesting, Robert.  I have always just been a literalist, though.

FullMetalPatriot said...

Great post, as usual. Sorry to hear about your "economic downturn."

Disgruntled said...

 Killing Jobs. 99% of government jobs are beyond non-essential, yet these clueless, brain dead, zombies can take your kids, screw up your taxes, destroy all aspects of your life and hold zero accountability for it, like when they 'lose' your private data on some porn surfing laptop they left at StarSchmucks coffee. I will not apologize to the other 1% that do their best, as they are allowing the mediocrity to continue. For every  awesome government worker their are 17 to 27 to 217 lined up to screw the taxpayer just because they exist to steal my oxygen. I spend a fair amount of time in these federal, state, and local government offices downtown and I am terrified to think these people can breed and spread the virus.  G_d help us. 

This rant brought to you by Highland Park 12 year old Single Malt Scotch and Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat.    

PS: Sorry for the economic patch of suck you are going through. Good luck. 

paul_mitchell said...

Disgruntled, that Scotch and beer makes for a pretty good rant.

paul_mitchell said...

Me too, FMP, but, it shall get better at some point in the future.  You know the drill.

Disgruntled said...

 Thank you, perhaps one day I'll achieve the awesomeness that is currently yours alone.