Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Ma's Day - It is none of my business...

For some unknown reason, Mother's Day is always really weird for me. My mother always asks me if I called my grandmother and I always want to know why I should call her on Mother's Day, she ain't my Ma!

Then it hits me like my mother's cornbread does to my stomach, like a ton of river slag. It's that collectivist mentality that DEMANDS that the VILLAGE raises a child. Nope, the village taxes the shit outta us, it doesn't raise our children.

In a "Progressive" world, they want us to honor ALL mothers, not just our own. Sorry, that ain't me. Yes, I call my grandmother, because she is my ma's ma, but I do not tip my chapeau (a little French gayness for Ma's Day!) to all the chicks in the grocery store because it is Mother's Day. They did not sit up all night with me because of an ear infection. They did not sit by in horror as I went nutz on the ear doctor because he was a dumbass. (Yes, I was nine years old.) They did not silently weep when my name was added at the very bottom of the high school graduation program because I missed too many days in Mr. Wilson's class and had to write that twenty page paper on "The Uses of the Quadratic Function in Today's Society" in order to graduate. Nope, those chicks in the grocery store were raising someone else.

So, if you are a mother to a child and they do not wish you a "Happy Mother's Day," you are failure and you should be ashamed that you want me to wish you something for being a failure.

Now, let's look at the very FIRST thing that you need to do to break the endless cycle of stupidity that makes you want everyone to wish you a Happy Mother's Day when you did NOT make Swedish meatballs twenty-two days in a row for supper for me. (Yes, this happened and they were burned every, single night, too.)

YOU are responsible for YOUR own life. No one else is. So, if YOU receive Food Stamps or live on federal subsidized housing allowances, YOU are a failure at life. Sorry, that is the way it is. Not only that, YOU will continue to fail at life as long as YOU expect someone else to come through and provide for YOUR life.

The stigma needs to be reattached to the folks that survive on the "kindness" of others. If you delve into The Bible more than just a little bit, you find that Jesus and his followers found hard work to be one of the most admired traits in anyone. If you are curious what The Bible says about Barry Obama and the "Progressive" movement in general, check out Proverbs 14:23, it pretty much says it all about what the idiots on the left believe.

In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips [tendeth] only to penury. Of course, there is much more wisdom in Proverbs 14 and can really, really be mixed up if you do not read all of it together. Basically what Solomon is saying here is that if you are "Progressive," you are an idiot.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day, Ma. You look great.

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The Mayor said...

As governments go broke around the world and true austery rips the crap out of local, state and federal budgets, people will be FORCED to rely on themselves.

Everything old will be new again, and I can't wait forit to happen.

paul_mitchell said...

Mayor, I HOPE that is the case, but nothing ever CHANGEs much.