Friday, May 27, 2011

"Progressivism" Continues to Destroy Everything in its Path

I deal with the fallout of the "Progressive" ideology all day, every day, just like all of you good folks do. Of course, sometimes you have to look a little harder to make the connections of exactly how the scourge of "Progressivism" has ruined the circumstances at which you are looking, but usually, it is pretty blatant.

You just have to accept a couple of simple premises to see where the "Progressivism" is.

Number one, with the ideology of "Progressivism," everyone is EQUALLY miserable. Not one single person can experience joy. The way that this is easily accomplished is to make you FEEL guilty for doing something specifically for your JOY. The buzzword is SACRIFICE. We sacrifice for our kids, we sacrifice for our country, we sacrifice for our religion, the list of things that we must sacrifice for are endless. I pose the notion that to sacrifice is EVIL.

Here is the true meaning of the ideology that is evil. Sacrifice is the giving of something of value to someone or something else that you do not value. Giving your kid your sandwich, instead of eating it yourself, when you are both starving is not sacrifice. You value your kid. Sacrifice is taking the food from your child, who is starving, to give to a murderer, who is not. And we do this every, single day. Because of "Progressivism."

Point two, I live my life with the absolute knowledge that Heaven is more amazing than I can possibly imagine. With the state of the world today, the happenings going on around us daily that are so horrible as to defy belief, Heaven doesn't have to be that amazing, it just has to be without PAIN.

Eating from the Tree of Knowledge was preordained, people. In order for us to ENJOY the things that G_d has created for us, we have to have the KNOWLEDGE of PAIN. Yes, I have had plenty of pain in my life, as I am sure that you have too, but without that, how would the good times be so sweet?

The solution to this conundrum is a no-brainer. You simply HAVE to turn away from the things that offer NO VALUE to your life. AND! The path that is easiest is going to offer the least value. Remember, for every action, there is an EQUAL, but opposite reaction.

There is an old saw that points this out glaringly, too. "Things that do not kill us, make us stronger."

Do I have all the answers for life in the awesome lane? Of course not, but having the devastating past of burying someone that was so very dear to me, that was snatched from me at the worst possible time, has tempered my steel in the hottest fire. I survived it because it was to be and I have overwhelming evidence that there is something waiting for me at the end of this roadtrip that is beyond my capacity for imagination.

There are always going to be people in our lives that want to take away the joy that we can have. That is part of the preordained stuff, too. What we have to do is keep those people from dictating how we react to the situations at hand and keep pushing ever forward toward our joy. Sure, we CAN have it all here with our life on Earth, but in order to do that, we must single out INDIVIDUAL things that we can achieve.

World peace? Great idea, folks. But, the way that starts is next door. It is the relationship that you have with one person that colors the entire world. Doing the same things in our life, that have been less painful, has never gotten us to the point of JOY.

Boss and employee worries and troubles? Hey, it is a JOB. Look the boss in the eye, let them know that they are NOT YOUR WORLD. The employees that stabbed you in the back? Same thing. Those situations really offer NO VALUE to your life and remove your joy. Family troubles? Yes, we are always going to be intertwined, but still, their lives are their own. Draw the line in the sand, stand up for what you want, and move forward. Oh sure, we are going to bleed and drop body parts every so often, but the pain has to stop at some point, IF we decide to experience JOY.

The greatest STRENGTH we can ever experience is the offering of our heart, soul, mind, and body to an INDIVIDUAL. Screw the collective, the public, society, whatever you want to call it. Attack our personal lives with our masks down, our hearts exposed, the risks taken, and the WANT spoken.


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David Basil said...

They need to start naming hurricanes and other major disasters after liberals.

paul_mitchell said...

Hurricane Barry would be a Class XI hurricane.  We do NOT need that kinda crap, Basil.

ontherocks said...

"I survived it because it was to be and I have overwhelming evidence that there is something waiting for me at the end of this roadtrip that is beyond my capacity for imagination."  That is a good way of putting it.

In my more simple way, I remind myself and others that "There is a reason for this, even if we don't understand it."

Please continue to hang in there.Original Post:

paul_mitchell said...

Joe, there are always reasons and I usually can't understand it.  But, without my acceptance, I go cuh-razee.

(I have no clue why your comment wound up in moderation and I did not change anything, so the "edited by moderator" is lying.)

Skunkfeathers said...

Hurricane Bela Pelosi.  Apt.  Even moreso, if it hits San Freakcisco.