Sunday, June 19, 2011

Catching Up - A Day in the Life

I have come to the conclusion that when stuff goes awry in my life, I need to drop back and simplify the situation. This is pretty easy when you are not entangled with other folks, but it is increasingly hard the more folks you add to the mix.

And adding six point eight BILLION people to the mix makes things really, really difficult. Yes, that is the population of the entire world. Of that population, I actually WANT to associate with about 100 or 200 of them. The rest of those people need to go buy a freaking clue.

No, I do not want to associate with a single, solitary soul that thinks I should pay for their food or shelter. In other words, 90% of the planet.

Then, I can whittle the number of people that actually provide for themselves down by pointing to the fact that a huge number of those folks think that I should help pay for the other 90% to eat and get in out of the elements. Yeah, those that think they can appropriate MY money to others can eat a dick, too.

Remember when I kept saying that Obama was going to resign in June of this year? The vision that I had was that the dumbest human being in the United States was going to resign his office in June. I had no clue that there could ever exist an idiot so sandpoundingly stupid as to eclipse Barry Obama.


In the past two weeks, we have heard non-stop about one of our elected officials exposing his junk online. There is not a single intelligent person on Earth that doesn't think that Anthony Weiner should be dragged out in the public square and beaten with a tire-iron for doing that. There is no other respectable end product for behavior like that, folks. Face it, Weiner's defenders need to face the same end result that he faces. They should be fired, divorced, and ostracized. Where are the folks on the stupid side of the aisle screeching for his HEAD on a pike? Well, they are all covering up their own peccadilloes.

But, I said Obama was going to resign thinking that he was the dumbest politician, soooooo..... I should not be so rigid in my beliefs, y'all. Democrats never fail to lower the IQ barre on a daily basis.

I know that I continually bash the Idiot President at every turn, but when I am wrong about President Dipshit, I do admit it. Barry has finally gotten an accomplishment under his belt for the first time in his miserable failure of a long, long life. He is now in the Top Five Golfingest Presidents in History. And it only took him two and a half years, too! I actually heard on the radio yesterday that Obama has lied about being a 17 handicap as well. If that is true, I will eat the entire solar system. On national television. Wearing a Wonder Woman costume. There is no possible way that Barry Obama is a 17, he is HORRIBLE at golf and there are numerous videos to prove it, too. Maybe they meant a 37? And why would any respectable course allow this muni-hack to even play their course? Holy shit, watching him swing a stick is like watching a chick swing a club for the first time in her life.

Anyhoo, since May 2, the DJIA has lost a whopping 6.3 percent of its value. Mortgage foreclosures continue to increase, with a 13 month inventory of homes for sale. Unemployment is actually hovering around 25%, too. Inflation is continuing to explode as well. My industry will not return to pre-Democrat levels for quite some time. And those idiots on the Left still think that they have something to offer, too. That begs the question, "Why the Hell are architects pretty much all Democrats and 'Progressive' to boot?"

Because they are mostly artists that realize there is no money to made producing artwork. I have no idea why "creative people" actually believe the stupid shit they believe, but there seems to be a pattern developing...

Now, I would choose to associate with Henry Ford one thousand times more than Pablo Picasso. Does anyone wonder why? Well, it is because the inspiration and intelligence of Ford is so far above and beyond that of Picasso that it boggles the mind. Ford was ACTUALLY a creative person, by comparison, Picasso was not. And shocker of all shockers, Picasso was a fucking Communist. Granted, Ford hated Jews, but Picasso was a self-loathing Jew, which to me is much worse.

It is going to get worse the longer normal people and hard-working people keep putting up with the stupidity from the Left, folks. Stupidity like this asinine crap.

And here is the Sunday linkage that you so crave.

William Teach at The Pirate's Cove links me almost every Sunday and I have failed to return the favor in a proper fashion. I'll try to do better in the future.

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Finally, it is Father's Day, today. Hug your Deddy and punch mine in the throat.

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Cousin Andy said...

HA!  A bamboo iPhone speaker.  Nyuk...monors!

Dude, if I see your father I will certainly oblige.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barry's true handicap is the Constitution.  But I digress...

Dean L said...

I was checking out your architecture page just this morning.

paul_mitchell said...

Skunks, I have yet to see anything that Barry is NOT handicapped in.

paul_mitchell said...

I was in construction and my electrical engineer wife talked me into going back and finishing my degree.  Good in a sense, but dude, most architects are retarded.

paul_mitchell said...

You probably won't see him, and that is a bad thing, too.

Moogiep said...

What about that soft porn music playing in the background of the speaker commercial. Yikes.

paul_mitchell said...

Moogie, how do you know what porn music sounds like?

paul_mitchell said...

Thanks, an insult from someone of your caliber is awesome, Loser.

paul_mitchell said...

Andy, dude has a Yahoo profile.  Wow.