Friday, January 06, 2012

Mississippi and the Tort Reform to Preempt ObamaCare

With the freight train of November's elections barreling down on us poor, little kitty cats walking across the tracks, we are going to get bombarded with the alleged things that President Dipshit has accomplished while he takes breaks from his horrible, horrible golf game.

Let me just tell you, he ain't done nothing good and to the poor golf courses he has played, at least new sod can be laid and you will recover.  The damage that Obama has wrought on the wallets on everyone on Earth is infinitely more permanent.

Now, a simple disclaimer, this post is going to link a bunch of seemingly unrelated stuff, they are related, if you need help making the connection, shoot me an e-mail and we'll take it off blarq.  Another disclaimer, "Progressives" are wrong.  On everything they believe.  Because they are stupid.  And ugly.  And like cats.  And reality tee-vee.

Now, I got in this discussion over on a friend's FAILbook page and I made some comments that others disputed.  One dipshit got downright offensive in her moonbat screeching.  Believe it or not, I was NICE.  Sorry, there is simply no talking to some folks because they got dumbass in the brain.  Why waste vitriol on someone too stupid to understand it?  But, I am here to try to set her back on the straight and narrow.  Naw, it ain't gonna work, she is gonna shove her head up Obama's ass until the brown M&Ms satisfy her.

Here was my comment that drew her imbecilic rant, "Ronnie Musgrove reduced our OB-GYN doctors to ONE licensed in our state. All the babies did not die, either.  Megatron (not her real name), I am against killing babies."  (By the way, the original post on her FAILbook was about Amendment 26 in Mississippi.)

Anyhoo, in case you do not remember the campaign between Haley and Governor Mousy, Haley spoke non-freaking-stop about the overwhelming need for tort reform in our fair state, even though Runny signed a reform law in 2002.  In one article I read the writer stated that Haley spoke on tort reform in EVERY campaign speech he made, even though I find that hard to believe.  But, Haley did receive a "Public Official of the Year Award" for his tort reform work and other stuff.  The need for tort reform was in part because Judicial District 22 had become one of the judicial Hell-Holes for national class action lawsuits.  Here is the list from 2002 in pdf format.  How about this, I was right in the Judicial District and the county right off the top of my head from seven years ago!!!  No, I am unimpressed with my memory, it is supposed to be flawless, more on that later, maybe.

One of things that I ran into when actually trying to find the data from that far back, 2002-2004, was dead, freaking links.  One of the posts that would have proven to be beneficial was this one from Overlawyered.  All dead links.  YAY!  Not to mention, since Obama was elected, the very same problems that were solved back then have been reintroduced to our lives.  It is like he set out to undo every piece of actual progress in the last 100 years.

Our "debate" on FAILbook also included my referencing the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Acts of 2004, 2005, and 2011.  And here is the actual text of the tort reform HB 13 as sent to Haley.  And here is a brief rundown of what HB 13 accomplished.  I do hope that you noticed that HB 13 stopped the fleeing of physicians and insurance agencies?  Insurance Commissioner George Dale said that FORTY-FOUR insurance companies stopped doing business in our state, yet someone on the thread said that never happened.  Am I the only person that remembers State Farm not taking any new customers in Mississippi back in 2002, then coming back in 2004 just to get run out of the state again in 2007?

Here's a little background on the legislative battles being fought at the time.  Remember, until 2010, the Mississippi State House was run by the Democrats.  No, we were NOT a Red State until last year.

When I made the comment that insurance companies quit serving our state and doctors had no insurance, I knew that I could reference blurbs in the Clarion Ledger and the Natchez Democrat (about halfway down the page) stating which insurance companies were moving back to Mississippi in 2005 and that Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi cut its rates by five percent (5%).  Up until the 2004 tort reform was enacted, rates were rising on average twenty percent (20%) per year.  Please ignore the amount of investment listed from businesses, NOT insurers, moving into Mississippi.  No, don't ignore it.

What I did NOT count on is being unable to find the actual 60 Minutes report on our plight in Mississippi that actually led to an FBI investigation.  The problem there is that 60 Minutes has one brazillion links to some ridiculous stuff from Barry Obama this year.  You know, because they have to get him reelected at all costs!

Oh, how I wish I could find the Clarion Ledger's 2002 Fighting Lawyers, Fleeing Doctors: Seeking a Cure series.  Little help there?

Oh, here is Haley on that ridiculously named, "HEALTHCARE."

Now, even though there are plenty of links that back up the vast majority of what I said, unlimited posts cover this very topic, I simply cannot find an independent source that addresses the OB-GYN crisis that we had in our state. 

Here's my dinner.

Oh, and y'all join me for your half, too.

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