Sunday, September 01, 2013

It's Not Like He's a Lying, Buffoonish Clown or Anything

Since my earliest post on Barry Obama in October 2005, I have been hammering home the point that he is an intellectual lightweight, a morally bankrupt sleazeball, and a water-carrier for his "Progressive" masters in the Democrat Party.

YET!!! There are still people that are stunned when he does exactly what I say he's going to do. It's like those people possess a brain like an Etch-a-Sketch and they wipe the slate clean every night before bed. Can I see the future? Or am I some sort of soldier sent from the future to keep Sarah Conner safe from the bad machines? Hardly, I am forty-nine years old and can tie up the loose concepts that appear to have no connection.

Nothing is mutually exclusive.

Here's a good example of one of these multifaceted thought lines. Do you think that it is odd timing that fast food minimum wage workers are protesting in the streets for double the money right at the same time their hours got cut in half? Welp, you are putting two and two together, Muffin. Of course, most of those same workers do not understand that if minimum wage was five cents an hour, they would still be able to buy the same amount of stuff and their parents would have a whole lot more disposable income to help them out. Which they will be FORCED to do in the future. Read on.

You know, I was kinda hoping that someone in the Republican Party would come forward to be able to point stuff out about President Puppet, but no such person has come forward without getting savaged in the press and the Republican Party throwing that person to the wolves. That is the purpose of this post, y'all. Spread it around for me if you can. Or do to me what y'all have done to Sarah Palin or worse still, Tim Tebow. No skin off my nose.

Here we go.

Do you think that it is any surprise that one of the mandates in Obama's Medical Stupidity Law, which he literally had nothing to do with, forces parents to pay for the medical insurance for their kids until age twenty six? This COMMANDS the parents (of the ideologically driven "Progressive" children that attend college and get their heads filled with stupidity from far, far Left professors) to keep financing things that are polar opposite of what they have tried to teach their kids from Day One. You cannot cut off the money fountain to Little Cooper or Little Aaliyah because they have decided that they want to explore their homosexual tendencies and get tattoo sleeves with their meal money. You are FORCED to subsidize things that are ridiculously stupid. This was by design because once they fill those heads with the "Progressive" stupidity, it either is there forever or the kids wake up and loudly exclaim, "THIS IS MORONIC!!!" If they do the latter, they are going to have difficulty graduating college, by the way.

Of course, these motions were not by design of Barry Obama because he was too busy playing cards, eating Atomic Dawgs with Jay Z, playing golf, vacationing in Hawaii, Africa, Spain, Italy, you name it. He's REALLY the dunce that morons claimed Reagan was.

Now, the real reason for this post is all the skull coughing about freakin' Syria. Dude, we are talking about Syria.

Barry Obama was told by his Overlords to come out and make some really loudly, ridiculous threat about stomping asses if the powers that be in Syria did certain things. Dude, Syria. Seriously, we are talking about Syria.

Anyhoo, Barry's threat was that if Syria used chemical weapons against folks, which they have ALREADY done on numerous occasions, Barry was going to beat their hineys. There was not a single human being on Planet Earth that believed his threats. Not one. Furthermore, numerous war lords around the globe actually laughed and told him to SHUT UP.

Now, the United States of America is over the barrel because we elected a PUNK. Yes, Barry Obama is like the dude that claims he was a Marine during the Vietnam era when he enlisted in the Marines to keep from getting drafted into the Army and then promptly wet his bed in boot camp to get washed out. "I WAS IN THE MARINES!!!"

I have posted comments on numerous Congresscritters FAILbook pages in an attempt to spread the word on what Barry Obama has been told to do and over the course of the weekend, I have been proven exactly correct.

Barry backed off of his boastful, saber-rattling badassery by holding a concert on FOOTBAW SEASON OPENING DAY to say that he would ask for permission from Congress to "beat your ass when we get off of the school bus." Trust me when I say, if the Republicans do NOT give Barry Obama the war power that he wants, the national media is going to start the "I'm telling!!!" crap to prop up President Nancy.

OH! Shocker! It has already started.

Do you want to know what will be really, really fun? To watch Barry tee-tee on his belly. Call your Congressweasel TODAY and demand that they give Barry power to start a freaking ground war in Syria. Tell them that he can NUKE Syria. Yell at them to give him everything he wants on Syria and then lean back in the recliner and watch as his entire Presidency crumbles around his mighty ears because he is a lying, boastful dillweed that thinks he is something other than a puppet for his Masters.

Or you could just jump off the school bus and run home to your Mommy like the Republicans are doing on everything else.

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