Sunday, July 01, 2018

Democrats were Created for the Sole Purpose to be Ridiculed and Mocked

Even Democrats ridicule and mock their own members. This is Joe Crowley, the CHAIRMAN of the Democrat House Caucus. In other words, Joe is the person who was supposed to take over for Nancy Pelosi when the brain worms completed their task of eating what was left of the organic matter in her vapid head. It seems that Joe couldn't even beat a mouth-breathing debutante from Dave Matthews' hamlet of (90.49% white) Yorktown Heights. I mean, seriously Joe, if you cannot even win against a silver-spoon-fed Communist from one of the richest areas in the country, how are you going to keep everyone ELSE on the Democrat Plantation?

In all seriousness, we have reached the tipping point in this country, folks. The Communists come from the wealthiest families ever seen on Planet Earth and the lemmings think that the Socs will take care of the Greaser hoards. (That's from The Outsiders, if you are a young person.) We're done as a country if our federal government doesn't make monumental strides, and quickly, to dismantle our federal government. Wait...back it up...that sounded a WHOLE lot more probable before I saw it on paper. Scratch all that, we're doomed.

This past week, eighty-one year old Supreme, Tony Kennedy, decided to hang up his whatever Justices hang up and then we saw eighty-FIVE year old Ruth Bonzo Ginsburg (The Notorious RBG) planking.

And the morons in the Imbecile Corral wailed and gnashed their teeth. All I can say to that is, "You know, Elena Kagan, the first openly retarded Supreme, has been on the court for eight years and we haven't heard a report of her flinging her poo during a hearing, yet." Notice, I add YET because unless someone saw it and put the video on Twittah, the national news would never let us know that Barry Obama appointed a Supreme dumber than him and Joe Biden. I'm kidding, there's no way that Kagan is dumber than Barry or Joe Biden. She would have to be on a breathing machine if she were that stupid.

Now, I said all that above to get to this. Believe it or not, I teach Sunday School to young ladies and men that are in the eleventh grade. Yes, you can go through the archives of this here blog and find numerous examples of how un-Christ-like I am. I've left them there for me. But, as I told those people in my Sunday School class today, and many times in the past, I. HAVE. A. KING. The only thing that I need from my government is for them to keep everyone out of my business.

That will not happen because of Democrats. You see, I have always maintained that I am not really a Republican, I just cannot stand Democrats. Growing up in Mississippi in the 1960s, you learned quickly that Democrats are evil, vile, murdering racists that will stop at nothing to maintain their tenuous grip on powah!!! They are so very evil that they have made attempts to tell everyone that the people that were Democrats in the 1960s jumped over to the Republican Party and now all the racists are Republican.

Let me dispel that quickly. Bill and Hillary Clinton were Democrats in the 1960s and steadily rose to the place that they were and almost put the second Clinton in the White House in 2016. Their daughter, Mr. Ed, is still considered an up and comer in the party.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, campaigned for Eugene McCarthy in 1968 and has always been a Democrat.

Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, is the Satanic spawn of Baltimore Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro Jr. (D), who served in that role from 1947-1959.

I also shot down the "Dixiecrats All Became Republicans" argument with NAMES and stuff back in 2005. Wow, 2005.

Yes, I can go down the list of current Democrats and put their parents, siblings/cousins, friends, commune members, and drug dealers firmly in the Democrat Party from the onset. SO, it must have been the voters that changed parties, right? Well, oddly enough, I actually studied that little theory, too.

Unless the parties have totally reversed, inside/out, upside/down, and some twisty things thrown in for good measure, they are still the same as they have always been. Democrats are RACISTS.

Now that this post is properly prefaced, this coming Wednesday will be Independence Day. Independence Day is wrongly recognized as July 4, 1776 instead of July 2nd because they didn't have email then. The date is completely unimportant, the HOLIDAY however is not. It is called Independence Day, NOT "July 4th."

The reason that this distinction is so important to me is because Democrats have to pervert and bastardize language in whatever country they are attempting to ruin. Check out what they have had to do to the Chinese language to keep Communists in powah. They actually have (I am NOT kidding) a group that controls the actual words used in their language. The group is called the National Commission on Language and Script Work. Look it up if you don't believe me.

In our country, deleting certain portions of our history is so important that in just the past three years we have destroyed almost every historical statue in most Democrat controlled cities. Come to think of it, Laura Ingalls Wilder is getting black-balled in recent days because of freakin' Little House on the Prairie. I ain't lyin'!!!

Now, I write this as my wife and daughter are in Third World Haiti trying to minister to people that are in their desperate predicament because of the philosophy of the Democrat Party. Understand, right across the border from this poverty-stricken Hellhole is a flourishing country that has so far avoided the Democrats coming in to keep them down. Take a look at Democrat-controlled Africa and see the exact extent of the devastation of Democrat policy. Look down south to Venezuela, where Democrat policy has taken the country with the most oil reserves in this hemisphere and turned it into The Sudan. As a matter of fact, you can look to any of the American countries south of our border, twelve in all, with a population of 100 million more people, that have a combined GDP per capita one sixth the size of the United States per capita.

From all this, you simply MUST deduce that the United States has to be doing something right and the Democrat Party, the Party of the Morons, keeps telling you that we are the worst thing ever in the history of the world.

Now, if you are still trying to be civilized and carry on debate with someone that is a Democrat, you are consorting with the enemy. Make no mistake, they are the enemy of everything that is good and right and just.

If you Twittah, check out this Blue-Checked person from the Democrat Party that is willing to go to "any means necessary" to prevent President Orange from appointing a Supreme to replace Kennedy while RBG, The Wise Latina, and The Albino from The Princess Bride still sit on the court.


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