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I have never produced an "about" page for this blog because I know me pretty well and this site is about me and my opinions. Until someone offers me a whopping two hundred ninety-three thousand dollars for this blog, I will continue to determine the content. Where did that figure come from? Look at the little icon thing at the bottom of this post if you can tear yourself away from looking at me. I think that I have done that script about fifty times over the seventeen years that I have produced this blog and the figure is always the same. Never loses value, never gains it. Hinky.

Now, the disclaimer. I consider this site to be what would commonly be known as a COMEDY weblog. I make attempts to be funny and the added bonus is when there is lively debate about something I write or something that I link. I don't care if you get bent out of shape, just don't drop the F-Bomb. That means that you are stupid and cannot make your point without spiraling into the abyss. Yes, I like comments and I like when people get creative with their thought patterns. You see, it's called imagination and that is where the best stuff originates. You do know that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone so he wouldn't have to get up from his Warcraft game to get a beer, don't you? His finest quote was this: "I am not one of those hyphenated Americans who claim allegiance to two countries." He was born and raised in Scotland and was awesome because of that one thing that he said. I could have done without his telephone forever. My cell phone, well that's a different story, I use about 7500 minutes peak minutes a month. (In the year 2016, I don't ever look at that, so maybe more, maybe less.)

I usually respond to anyone that posts, that's called manners and I was raised right by a bunch of hillbillies that never fail to make me laugh because of their character traits. I like rednecks because they like me and we understand each other. Some of the most important knowledge that I ever gained came from people that never attended school beyond the eighth grade. They were hard, played hard, worked hard, lived hard, loved hard, and died hard. And never whined and moaned about it either. I respect that and try to live my life the same way, sometimes I fail, but I keep trying.

You may say whatever strikes your little fancy about me, I could not care less, but do not attack anyone else that comments here or posts here unless you know them and y'all are friends going at it in a friendly way. Attack someone that you don't know here at this blog and I will bring down a world of hurt upon you because I am the most viciously loyal person on this planet. You are not even close to being as loyal as I am to my friends, family, and fellow bloggers/readers/commenters. That is my one super-power.

I am an SEC college football homer, get over it. I am an SEC homer because it is the best conference year after year and no other conference comes close. NEVER mention Hawaii or Boise State or even Mississippi State as a viable BCS team, I do not suffer fools lightly. You will pay dearly.

I work in the building design and construction field. I actually have a degree from Mississippi State University in Architecture. The degree is worth fifty-eight thousand dollars, because that is what it cost me. I learned nothing at all in college about my chosen field. That is where my opinions on college professors were developed. They were idiots that could not work in the private sector, so they stayed in school and became losers. I am not sure which is worse, idiots or losers, but it's a close race and they had all the traits for both.

I am forever amazed by discussions regarding race. I cannot fathom how people can still bring up these issues and it still piss people off. Just today, I heard about THIS. The ref called me "boy." Yes, the player was Black and surprise, surprise, WRONG! The referee was Black, too. I guess that was not about race, it was about a football player wanting to be grown up instead, but they never said that the ref was Black on the radio, so immediately I thought that it was a racism thing and laughed and laughed at the lunacy of racism. We are all the same, except for sociopaths.

I am not really sure what I will post from day-to-day, but it will be something that interests me. One thing that really interests me is making fun of people that do and say stupid things. Add to that the fact that there is never a shortage of said people and that gives me plenty on which to blog. Oh, do not get me started on the Clarion-Ledger and I actually pay to read it, too. Damn, I think that I might have to make fun of myself sometime soon. (I stopped my Clarion-Ledger subscription in 2009 and kept getting a paper for two years afterward!)

I try to use correct grammar and terminology. I am not a punctuation freak, but it makes your comments more readable and sometimes I will edit comments for spelling and grammatical errors. Words mean something, folks. I will never refer to someone as an "African American" if they were born here from parents that were born here from parents that were born here, get the gist. You can completely screw up what you are saying by using the wrong terminology. Reverse discrimination is the act of hating someone just like you. Domestic violence is violence on a flight that doesn't leave its country of origin. Get it?

I started a series of posts called Romance-The Two Dogs Way early in my blogging career. These are my favorite posts because they are true conversations that I have had with my significant other. All were hilarious to me and they will always stay close to the front of my mind because relationships are so much damn fun. All of those posts are HERE. Remember, start at the bottom and work your way up to read them in chronological order.

If you have a question regarding my opinion or a suggestion for a post, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. My e-mail address is posted near the right upper corner on every page of this blog. I respond to every single e-mail I receive even if it is a death threat, which I have received. I don't mind those too much, because judging from the grammar, I really don't think that they could find me anyway!

Also, I occasionally post things that appear to have no references. When I do this, it is because I assume that everyone knows exactly what I am talking about. Questions? Ask in the comments or e-mail me for more information, I'll give it. Comments are never moderated or deleted, I let anyone say anything except for the caveat above. Funny thing that I have noticed in my long, long life is that there are very few things that are mutually exclusive. Nothing occurs in a vacuum, well except for a vacuum. There are a myriad of causes for a myriad of effects. Studies and research really need to be studied and researched as a part of the whole, not as the mutually exclusive data that a study or research studies or researches. That made sense to me and I hope it did to you, too.

I find it funny that the word "bloggers" in not in the dictionary on It offers "floggers" as an alternate spelling, which I obviously am one. And I never shave on the weekend, like when the photograph above was taken. Just saying.

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