Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Drive-By Truckers Rule!

1. Just got in from a long day on the road. Had to go to one of Mississpippi's HBC's (Historically Black Colleges, Einstein) today and it rained the whole way there and the whole way back. Our firm is working on a renovation for a building that was constructed in 1830. The place has been unoccupied for eight years and no one seems to realize that a building will revert to nature if allowed to do just that. Dammit, a logical thought process is what separates us from the three-toed overland sloth.

2. A question that I have for y'all is this, "Why, oh why, will someone continue to talk to you about something that is completely uninteresting even after you roll your eyes, sigh deeply, hold your breath until you turn purple, and attempt to place a phone call, all while they are still talking about the most boring things that you have ever had the misfortune to hear?"

3. Is it just me or has the moron class taken over management? I mean, come on, damn, can't we all just be adults? Being a good supervisor means being able to understand when your subordinates are immensely more intelligent than you. Assign the task and go drink a latte or have sex with your secretary. Isn't that what you do for a living anyway?

4. Today is Fat Tuesday and Drunk Architect had a link to the BourbonCam on his website. Why would any self-respecting woman think that it is a good idea to show her chest for some plastic beads? "Beads? Sure, look at these!" Why beads? Why not real jewelry? Why not something like Bill's Deer Jerky? At least that would make some sense to me. 'Cause that's some wicked jerky.

5. I don't normally make a point to go off on some dumb-ass tangent, but I deserve this rant time. I am just about at the end of the chain with my patience thing.

6. By far the most talented touring band at this particular point in time is the Drive-by Truckers. You just gotta love their music and energy. Check 'em out if they come close to your town.

Gotta go drink some Drano and read some Frank. Sorry about the rant.


C. said...

Liking the site Two Doggs!
keep up the good work.
oh and while you are speaking of
great touring bands put a link to
the Panic on here. They are back
this spring.. and they are going
to rule the road for yers to come!
thanks for the interesting bloggin

Jane Smith said...

Thanks for the link..that was funny...not what I expected to see. Now 1,000's of people will visit my site...well, maybe not 1,000's!!