Monday, February 07, 2005

From the Blogosphere

Just killing time tonight trying to get the old brain rolling again after the party last night (see post below) and staggered across this. I thought Erin and Rhiannon might like it. Hell, I did.

Also, as I am prone to do, I was reading some old posts at Rachel Lucas' Blog, and staggered across THIS GUY. Goldstein has a violently good sense of humor and just check out the picture on the "About" link. Got a hat damn near identical to mine. He goes down on the must read section by his former wrasslin' name, "Jewzilla". I'm starting to become a huge blog reader. Like I got that kinda time. Damn.

UPDATE: Reading some more humor from Protein Wisdom and ran across his Philosophy Primer. His paraphrasing of Martin Buber: Or, to put it another way: baby, you complete me. Now, stop already with the blushing ingénue act and strap that thing on while I run and fetch the midget. Damn Genius, damn.

UPDATE AGAIN: You must go here, RIGHT NOW! Do it, damn you!


Vasectomiesrule said...

Twodogs, your horoscope post makes me want to slip on an english pea on tile floor and fall directly onto an ice pick. Thanks for keeping me uplifted! You're the greatest. Notice my impecable use of the word your, you're.