Monday, February 07, 2005

From the Blogosphere

Just killing time tonight trying to get the old brain rolling again after the party last night (see post below) and staggered across this. I thought Erin and Rhiannon might like it. Hell, I did.

Also, as I am prone to do, I was reading some old posts at Rachel Lucas' Blog, and staggered across THIS GUY. Goldstein has a violently good sense of humor and just check out the picture on the "About" link. Got a hat damn near identical to mine. He goes down on the must read section by his former wrasslin' name, "Jewzilla". I'm starting to become a huge blog reader. Like I got that kinda time. Damn.

UPDATE: Reading some more humor from Protein Wisdom and ran across his Philosophy Primer. His paraphrasing of Martin Buber: Or, to put it another way: baby, you complete me. Now, stop already with the blushing ingénue act and strap that thing on while I run and fetch the midget. Damn Genius, damn.

UPDATE AGAIN: You must go here, RIGHT NOW! Do it, damn you!