Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rebel of the New Millenium

I read a good bit of stuff on the internet and one of the columns that I read weekly is that of Doug Giles. He's a preacher, so if you're going to get your non-believing feelings hurt, don't read his column. It's a good one this week about the youths that are rebelling against authority.

Read this week's column HERE.

His site is HERE.

Oh, and THIS is funny.

And THIS is cute. Go HERE if the link is dead. (Hat-tip: Tammi)

And if you are BORED. (Hat-tip: Madfish Willie)



Wayne World said...

Doug Giles is full of SHIT!!! If he bothered to read his own stupidity, he would see that it made no sense.First of all , to be a rebel means that you go against the establishment.Well, last time I checked the establishment was right winged conservatives!They're in control of everything,so they are the establishment feeding the masses propaganda.So, to be a rebel, one would go against our leaders(republican conservatives) and return true power to the people!

Paul Mitchell said...

I actually think that he was talking about kids. All teachers are far left-liberals and if you looked at the things they try to teach our kids in public schools these days, you would be amazed. I took my boy out of public school in the fourth grade when they started in on the condoms and alternate life-styles. Fourth grade.

So, the establishment that he is talking about is the same people that rebelled during the sixties. Open your mind, soundboyz.

Wayne World said...

> What happened to the religion topic?

Sorry Commanche, we should be discussing that. Hey Two Dogs, let's get to the good stuff.Enough of this Ted Nugent Wanna be!!

Wayne World said...

Imara....I would have pointed out those inconsistancies to Two Dogs, but I don't have the patience.Everything is a big arguement with this guy.Anyway, three words about the religion topic.......BRING........IT.......ON!

Wayne World said...

Imara.....this is true, Two Dog's little web of deceit is starting to collapse all around him.

Wayne World said...

Imara....I think Two Dogs is more concerned with copying the Conservatives to a fault. I think he sees that if he can walk , talk and act like them, they might come to him with a lucrative book deal or something. Sometimes, I feel like selling out. I look at the success of Armstrong Williams and Condy Rice And Judge Thomas, and it dawns on me that there is a niche for minorities that embrace that neo con viewpoint. I even start to practice the rhetoric to sound convincing.But, after saying their viewpoints over and over again, it bothers me inside my soul, and I quickly realize what it is they're about and why I CAN NOT support their agenda.

Wayne World said...

You are very wise Imara....It's like taking medicine when I read your comments. Thank you. Really and truely.

Wayne World said... the way ....DON'T you DARE feel sorry for Armstrong!!!!!He wakes me up out of my bed early every Saturday morning when he's on America's Black Forum. I wake up in a rage. I mean it. It's something about him and his voice that just enrages me!!I kid you not, it wakes me up out of a deep sleep!!He really bothers me!!

Wayne World said...

>Maybe you should start sleeping with the T.V. off. :) He is definately not worth wasting a good sleep over!

LOL!! I've tried that, but it gets too quiet for me. I have not seen him on there in a while, meaning, I have been sleeping through it. If he starts appearing on there again, maybe I'll fall asleep with the tv on a different channel.I do kinda feel sorry for him just a little bit.A little bit.

Wayne World said...

OH BOY!!!!!! Two Dogs just posted something!!!! Let's see what CRAP he has in store for us today.

Wayne World said...

> Soundboyz, I noticed you haven't posted since your "It's Time We Talked" manifesto... what's up?

LOL!!!! Well ,I share that blog with 2-3 other people.I started by accident.Xplicit was having computer issues and he asked me to guest blog.It quickly became addictive. However, he has since fixed his computer(I think), and I have let him post some stuff.It's really his blog and I don't want to overextend my stay. I will post something soon.I just don't want to scare away his core audience. I think he's much younger than I am.

Wayne World said...

Did you read Two Dogs NEW post. I think he's calling us out.