Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why is Left-Wing Traffic Higher?

Michelle Malkin has an interesting ARTICLE regarding traffic on the Blogosphere. While I think that she is quite possibly the smartest woman in the political arena right now, I must take issue with her number crunching.

Using the Alexia.com numbers for web traffic might be an accurate tool, however, these numbers don't take into account the visits by college students who are FORCED to read these sites. I have friends who are currently attending a major university that are assigned reading on a daily basis from the Daily Kos. Is it an accurate judgment of traffic if you take into account the people who must visit just to keep a grade? How many professors do you think there are that require their students to read Glenn Reynolds site? What about Little Green Footballs? With my recent experience in college, I would have to sat that those numbers would have to be very low.

Do you think that stacking the deck to show a Left-wing site has higher numbers than a conservative blog is right? Judging by our last election I would say there is something amiss in the number crunching.



Wayne World said...

NO TWO DOGS!!!!!!!!I would say judging from our last two elections, there's something amiss with the ELECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Man, don't be silly. You know.