Saturday, April 09, 2005

Where are We Heading?

News from around the world continues to freak me out. Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture, not only the topic, but also the way our news services cover it.

CHARLES covers some of it HERE.

I have a dumptruck load of gmail invitations, about eighty-seven to be exact, e-mail me if you want one.

And I have added another feature on the sidebar. It is a list of my daily blogs to read that exhibit above average intelligence because of their love of the greatest game ever, EVER I TELL YOU!

And HERE is part of the reason why I'm an A's fan now......(Hat-tip: LGF)

UPDATE: HERE's a link that will give you a real idea of who the "Palestinians" are. Does it make sense that of all the people that call themselves Palestinians, 46% are refugees? I bet you could make a good case for Yassir Arafat getting rich as Hell by screwing "his" people outta all the US aid that was sent to him.


Nzyme said...

Check THIS out. The World Wide Web is just that---a WEB, where viewpoints are mixed with a smidgen of FACT and a bushel of OPINION! Hmmmmm, smells like....

Paul Mitchell said...

I just hope this is not in response to my comments about gangbanging in relation to your comment on another blog. Nzyme, please tell me that you don't think that mine was a racial comment. I will go on record as condemning anyone (regardless of race, religious choices, sexual preferences, etal) who chooses this sort of lifestyle for themselves. Indians included.

Nzyme said...

Of course it is. There's nothing better than a hot debate. Two Dogs, keep it comin'...don't you know I lead a pretty boring life right now? If you don't light a fire under this brain, I might vegetate!! And hey, don't take me so seriously....

Erik Grow said...

So LGF thinks AP believes these kids are completely non-violent? Or is it just that he believes that AP writes what they do because of his "MSM is against us" worldview? (Who would be *for* this anyway?) Just another silly MSM rant as far as I'm concerned. Sure there are bias issues here and there, but this isn't one, and most I see cited are not, on the Fox News left complaint side of things too.

Paul Mitchell said...

Erik, yes, Charles is making the comment the AP says that these guns are unloaded. What they fail to comment upon is: Could it be because they had just emptied the mags? Yep. Erik, whether you believe it or not, there is a culture war going on in this country and the world and we can continue to appease bad, really bad people or we can stand for what is right. Teaching kids to murder is wrong and that is what they are doing.

Erik Grow said...

Does AP actually believe that what these kids are doing is perfectly acceptable, and if they do, what would be their reason?

What I hate about the culture war is that if people stopped *making stuff up* about what they believe the intentions of people are, that the differences between us would not be worth *any* kind of war. These people that demonize and pretend to know what people are thinking, and paint a neutral stimulus like this into an affront, is what tears the country further apart.

It sucks, and I really dislike people that do it.

Paul Mitchell said...

I am kinda confused about your comment. Are you saying that AP or the terrorists are tearing the world apart? Or are you saying that my comment about saying these are evil people is tearing the world apart? 'Cause, Erik, if you don't think that what these folks are using these kids to do is a bad thing, I just don't think that you and I could ever have a civil discourse. I guess I am just too damn ready to call this an evil thing, because it is.

Wayne World said...

Two Dogs, give it up!!!! Your shit is getting real tired. I also can't stand when individuals speak for another person or group . The AP did not give an opinion about the situation, you gave them one!!Why can't you leave your feelings and opinions out of other people's mouth?!!The Associated Press is REPORTING on a situation, they did not offer their opinion , nor did they ask the fuckin mighty Two Dogs to give everybody an opinion in their name. Your Shit is getting real old , real fuckin fast!!So is all the other motherfuckin know it alls who insist on making a point to criticize and speak for every outlet that they don't agree with!!Information should be about facts, and if you disagree with the FACTS, don't attack the fuckin reporter of those facts and slander their reputations!!!Fuckin cut out the three year old mentality!!!

Wayne World said...

Oh , and personally , I agree 1000% with what the Palestinians are doing. If anybody ever tries to take over and occupy MY country and oppress , I will arm and train fuckin infants with mini uzi's to get those bastards out of MY country!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

soundboyz, the reason that the Palestinians are in the West Bank and Gaza is because Israel let them move there after they were summarily kicked out of the rest of what used to be part of Syria. And the reason they were kicked out is for the same reasons that Israel is building a wall, terrorism. They are living in a refugee camp but are not restricted to just living there. If they want to assimilate into Israel, they are more than welcome to.

To advocate violence against the one country that has offered you a place to live is not a good idea. If they don't like where they are, why don't they try to go anywhere else on the planet?

Paul Mitchell said...

Oh, and an uzi is an Israeli manufactured weapon. Made by the Jooooooooos.

Also, I think that the AP was very disingenuous when they printed that the guns were unloaded. Look at the picture, they are unloaded because those future terrorists just fired the magazines empty.

Wayne World said...

>Exactly, I would use their own weapon to kill them!!!!And you are wrong about why the Palestinians are in Gaza and the West Bank!!Maybe they used to live there when it was Palestine!!!Those so called Jews came from Poland and Yugoslavia and Russia. Why don't their people want them? Why can't they go back where they came from? Why can't they go any place in the world? Why should they push off their religious beliefs on everyon else. Their religion says that Israel is their homeland, so why does everyone have to go by their religion. If my religion says that your house is on my sacred land, should I be able to kick you out of your home and claim it just because my so called religion says so?

Paul Mitchell said...

You mean like the Muslims? Like in Constantinople, I mean Instanbul. soundboyz, a quick cursory search on Google would show you why the Jews moved North. And yes, Israel was the Jewish homeland. Are we to say that since the United States is NOT the homeland of Muslims, they gotta get out? This type of argument eludes me. In the Middle East, Israel is the only country that has not made an effort to eradicate people of other religions.

Romans lived there when it was Palestine. The Jews lived there when it was Palestine. The Arabs lived there when it was Palestine. However, it was the Romans that ruled the area.

I just don't understand the anti-semitism. Why in the world would want to kill someone because of their religion? Is this a Muslim thing?

Wayne World said...

>I just don't understand the anti-semitism. Why in the world would want to kill someone because of their religion? Is this a Muslim thing?

Obviously not if nobody wants them in their country....Yea, that's it .The Muslims were behind WWII!!

And your analogy of Muslims in America is off base!!Muslims are NOT trying to take over America and degrade and take away other people's rights!!If those same people were the cause of WWI , WWII .....Mnnnn.....I think they Might be the cause of WWIII!!! And before you start, Yougoslavia is now Bosnia -Herzegovina !

Paul Mitchell said...

As far as nobody wanting the Jews, I don't know where that comes from. The Jews were persecuted by the Nazis because they were not White. Persecuted by the Communists because they were G_d-fearing people.

You arguments against the Jewish people just make no sense at all.

My comment about Muslims in the US was a very direct one. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims or environmental nuts. If anyone has a case for eradicating an entire religion, it would be every country in the world that wants to stop terrorism.

Althought I am not saying that we should kill all the Muslims, it would be easier to say that they as a religious group, pose a much greater threat than the Jews who just want the Arabs to leave them alone. So much so, that Barak even capitulated to Arafat's every want in Gaza and the West Bank. Arafat turned him down.

Imara said...

>If they want to assimilate into Israel, they are more than welcome to.

Why should the have to "assimilate" to live in their OWN land?

Paul Mitchell said...

Imara, no matter what you think, this small piece of property was never under the control of a people known as Palestinians. When this area was known as Palestine, it was in the hands of the Romans that conquered the Jews and took them to Europe as slaves. The people that call themselves Palestinians now are people that were kicked out of Syria.

Yassir Arafat, "THE" PALESTINIAN, was born in Cairo, Egypt. That means that he is Egyptian. He was tossed out of every Arab country in the Middle East for terrorist activities. The latest of which was Syria. Israel was the only country in the area that would let him settle there.

Palestinian land? Nope.

Here's an idea where Palestinians are....

Country or Region Population
West Bank and Gaza Strip 3,299,000
Israel 1,013,000
Jordan 2,598,000
Lebanon 388,000
Syria 395,000
Saudi Arabia 287,000
Gulf states 152,000
Egypt 58,000
Other Arab states 113,000
The Americas 216,000
Other countries 275,000
TOTAL 8,794,000

Paul Mitchell said...

Update to this post. Please check it out.......

Wayne World said...

>West Bank and Gaza Strip 3,299,000

The numbers should tell you that they belong in that region. They are so displaced because when the Zionist were allowed to settle in Israel, they committed genocide and terrorism causing the Palestinians to flee all over the Fucking world!!!Grow up!!They should be allowed the "right of return"!!!I don't give a crap what anyone says, the UN didn't give the Zionist the whole fuckin place , they took it by terrorizing and scaring the Palestinians out!!I'm tired of arguing!!I'm done!!

Paul Mitchell said...

An argument should be based on at least some semblance of fact, soundboyz. What you are saying makes absolutely no sense at all.

By this same argument, all the Muslims in Turkey should be kicked out on their ass. Why is it that the Italians aren't crying, moaning and complaining about getting Turkey back?

There can only be so much of these places so why in the world even if there was a Palestinian people, which there has not been, why can't they make their homeland Syria, where the majority of them are from. Why not Egypt, where the original Palestinian came from. Why not Saudi? Because they all lived there and were kicked out.

Do a little of research. Israel was the only place in the entire Middle East that would accept Yassir Arafat.

Wayne World said...

>Italians aren't crying, moaning and complaining about getting Turkey back?

Cause they're motherfuckin ITALIAN !!!

Wayne World said...

Why cant't the GOD DAMNED White People go back to god DAMNED POLAND and HUNGARY and BOSNIA and RUSSIA and BROOKLYN?

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, the Italians (Romans) were in Turkey before the Muslims. And isn't Brooklyn mostly Jewish?

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