Tuesday, June 14, 2005

How to Be a Carioca 101-The Two Dogs Way

What the Hell is a Carioca, Two Dogs? Well, my not so educated friend, it's a person from Rio de Janeiro. Why the Hell do I want to be one, Two Dogs? Well, you might want to take a vacation to Rio and you sure as Hell don't want to look like a tourist, now do you?

Lesson Number One: Everything goes better with a caipirinha. It's THE drink for every occasion.

"Ae, me ve uma caipirinha!" means "Hey, gimme a caipirinha!" Okay, no problem, buddy. Coming up!

The Recipe: (Always drink in twos, never, ever drink just one)
Ingredients- Limes Sugar Ice &
Cachaca (Ed Note: As near as I can tell, this is a mixture of gasoline and kerosene, but I think that it's made from sugar cane) Optional liquor would be rum or vodka but you gotta change from limes to grapes or something, oh Hell I can't remember.

How To: Smash the limes in the bottom of a glass with several heaping tablespoons of sugar. Drop in some ice and fill to the damn top of the glass with cachaca (or rum, but then it's really a caipirissima and you have to swap the limes for grapes).

Suck 'em down, Lester, you are becoming a carioca! Hey, it's culture and a buzz in Two Dogs Land.

UPDATE: Welcome all from the Carnival of Recipes. If you actually use this recipe at the start of your reading of the Carnival, I promise all the food is going to be great. Even if you have to improvise some ingredients.