Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Dr. Akeith Responds

Well, it's time for another house call from Dr. Akeith. Genius, I tell you, purely genius. I wish that I could bottle this stuff and sell it.

Here we go....

Letter #1

Dear Dr. Akeith:
I am currently seeing a bunch of women at the same time, nothing serious though. There is one woman that I really want to hang out with. She really thinks that I am just playing around with her and that I am viewed as a "player". How can I get through to her that I am really interested in her and not just wanting to have sex?

Are there any steps that you know of to get rid of the player label with the important girl? And is there any way to get rid of the label with her, but still have sex with lots of women? Help me, please.

(Ed. Note: Yea, I wish I had this "problem")

The Doctor is IN!

Well my man, let me congratulate you for being able to pull off such a daunting task. First of all, let me say that for some women knowing that a guy is a player or having that image, is what attracts them to you. For those women, knowing that a guy isn't the committing type assures them that they don't have to worry about him getting too attached. Yea, I said it, some girls don't want the happily-ever-after stuff.

But, back to your dilemma. You want her to think that you have shaken that player image.

First: You have to break down the barrier she has up against you 'cause you're a player. Lots of attention, flowers, and constant eye contact gives her the sense that you *are* sincere and nothings matters to you but her.

Second: Introduce her to your boys. That's right, you might have to sacrifice a little here. Girls know that they are gaining ground if they meet the boys, 'cause they know that the chicken heads don't get that treatment.

Last: Most importantly if all else fails, let her meet the folks. That will surely loosen the old chastity belt.

Remember, you must keep the wonderboy image for as long as you can manage, but you still do your thing on the side. Make sure you don't slack up on the attention because that will really throw up the red flags. And you got to know that this behavior can only last a short period of time before the grits hit the pan, because all good things must come to an end.

Keep those e-mails coming folks, but remember if you don't want your name published, let us know.