Monday, June 13, 2005

The Two Dogs Debate Style

There are plenty of people that disagree with my opinions. That is to be expected, I am an easy target. However, I appreciate all comments from all points of view. If you leave a link for me to check out, I read each and every one without fail. I even read the ridiculous rantings from obviously bogus sites that have absolutely no bibliography at all. Do I even pay them attention after reading them? Well obviously not, how many times can you use the argument that it's a "War for Oil" and not sound silly?

Why do I do this? Simple, I am an open minded person and I do honestly believe that even someone that disagrees with me deserves my attention. I do not make determinations on people based on their opinions. Plenty of my friends are much less conservative than I am, oh Hell, some are Moonbats. We debate issues, swap information and ideas, and develop the sensible solutions that attempt to please both people.

Do the debates get heated? Of course they do. When two opposing people that believe strongly in their ideas match wits, there is going to be some tension. The main point is that at the end of the debate, I respect your opinions and you offer me the same. Differences of opinion happen. I will still be your friend no matter what given civility.

That said, here's the skinny. In the past two or three days, I have noticed there is a hostility from the Left that I have not noticed before, and it's not just in one place. Hey, I can't help if your side was so stupid that you nominated John F. Kerry to run for President. I can't help it if you elected Dingbat Dean to lead your party. Hell, you didn't vote for him for President because he was unstable, why would you think having him as Chair of the DNC would be a good idea? Hmmm?

Goodness folks, I want more than one choice on who to vote for, but when y'all put obviously traitorous people on the ballot for President and obviously unstable people to lead your party, why in the Hell would I vote for your man? This cannot be too hard to understand for most thinking people.

Look, if there is anyone that still believes that George Bush lied to get us into a war over oil, it would be beneficial to your party if you would simply sit down and shut the Hell up. You sound like a nutcase. You cannot really believe that. It's the same as believing that Charlie Manson was a great surfer. Please.

Here you go, Leftists. Conservatives would thoroughly love to have complete control for the same length of time that y'all had the reins. It's going to be tough to do with the present day media spending all their time trying to find something to stick to Bush. Maybe you could attempt to come up with just one damn solution for any problem that you see in this country. Just one, is that too much to ask?

Anyhoo, please understand that at this site, all opinions are welcomed. All viewpoints are considered as legitimate as long as the discourse is civil. It might get heated, but as long as you recognize that we are all striving for the same things (except for socialist programs) everything will be alright.

Oh, you never need to use profanity to get your point across, but it sure will weaken your argument. Again you wind up looking silly.

Okay, everyone put on their cup and let's get to business. What in the world is the Harry Reid thinking by protecting that moron Dean? I think that he needs to get him some thorazine and a bib.

UPDATE: Pam at Blogmeister has an interesting article about our beloved United Nations. Is that place still open?