Sunday, June 26, 2005

Moon-Bats and Splodeydopes*

As usual, the Left is still going nuts. I wish that we did possess a viable two party system in this country, but I guess that will be a long time coming.

It seems that the "No War For Oil" Party is still trying to gin up some kind of popular support for the suppression of votes in Ohio. I can just see the placards now. Criminy, will just one adult come forward in the Democrat Party? Please, just one, y'all are getting embarassing.

Why? No intelligent person can figure it out. Why will the Left not try to develop some kind of policies to correct what they see as wrong? In my never to be humble opinion, it's because there are no people left in the party that have free thoughts running around in their brain. "What are we supposed to say today that lets the rest of the world know that we hate the United States too?"

Joe-6-Pack clears up all of the Ohio Vote stupidity. Scroll down, the Leftists are trying to hijack his site, like they can actually read.

*Splodeydopes was a term that I saw at Vince Aut Morire, I don't know if Eric coined the term, but I sure as Hell like it.