Saturday, June 25, 2005

Search Engine Madness

I have never posted any of the searches that netted this blog any hits and I thought that I should now. I guess that everyone does this now and again, but for some reason I have abstained from the trend. Until now.

Okay, here we go....

Nifty Moron Searches:
Naked Cwogirls: Number One on Google. Yep, it's misspelled and I'm pretty sure they were disappointed. Well, maybe. Update: Now I'm number seven.

Homosexual Weightlifters: Number Two on Google. I did actually type those words, but I'm guessing that the searchers wanted pictures. Pictures, I tell 'ya. Doesn't even register in the top twenty pages on Yahoo.

Surely the World Will Come to an End: Third page down on Google. The world damn near ended while they were doing their search. Come on, three pages down? I am number four for the world ending on Yahoo. And yes, it all hinges on me. Fear. Update: Now I am number one on Yahoo.

"best breakdancer in the world": Number Six on Google. And no, it's NOT Vin Deisel.

"A Trip to the Gay Bar": Number One on My Search. I didn't check Google because they are probably tracking my surfing habits and I really don't need that headache.

jnena lewes porn pictures: Only one on Google. No idea who that is.

joy fejoku: Number Three. From one of my Get Rich Quick posts.

badunkadunkdunk: Number Two. Yea, I worship the badunkadunkdunk.

willey coyote: Number Seven. I don't even know if this is spelled right, but who cares?

midget/animal sex: Number Five on Netscape search. I'm thinking that there needs to be a law against these types of searches. But, hey, I'm number five!

nobody wants me to be independent: Number Nine on Google.

what is suppositories: Woo hoo, Number Eleven!

This was actually pretty fun to research. Do you have any of these idiotic referrals to add?