Thursday, June 23, 2005

Not Me Player

Most of you will recall that there was a fire-fight about a week ago at the site of the Liberal Avenger (you have to say this like an announcer on a crime-fighting program). It seems now that he is claiming that I am posting as him at another blog. It ain't me. The only time that you, Liberal Avenger, have even crossed my mind is when I see your url in my referring log. Find mine in yours, before tonight.

LA, I visited your site at the request of a friend of mine and I deduced that it was satire. People with your ideas simply cannot exist for real, or are confined to a home. When I did figure out that your site was serious, I left, never to return.

Tools like you are a special breed. But, by the way, thanks for the link and traffic. See if you can get some of your tool friends to comment. Maybe they can learn something 'cause it isn't going to happen at your blog. Oh, and try to figure out how to use trackback, I can use some of those 2000 hits a day that you receive. *wink, wink* (Yea, so far I have a whole 6, WOW 6 hits from your site)

Prior posts on this: HERE and HERE.

UPDATE: I stand corrected on the "hits". It seems that one person has visited four times. There are actually three different urls. Can I figure out which is you? You betcha.

UPDATE 2: My trackback to his post of this article has been deleted. So, I e-mailed LA to ask why he wants to start this crap. No response yet.

UPDATE 3: I have been had. I finally went over to the post that he said that I made and there is one comment and the next two comments are the other posters blowing him off. I commented on the post to let them know what was going on with LA. I am going to check back. I e-mailed the moderator of the blog to let me know about the IP address. Damn, I have wasted more than two breaths on this and all I am doing is driving up his traffic. What. A. Tool.

UPDATE 4: Cruising through my old referrals, I found THIS. It's hard to believe that I will be 41 next month.

UPDATE 5: Still no response to my e-mail. Of course, he is still going around to other blogs whining that I am posting as him. And still visting my site but using WebWarper and cloaking sites to hide his IP. Damn, as if I didn't already have it.

UPDATE 6: Anonymouse? Come on, Liberal Avenger, what kind of SuperHero sneaks into a place and never says anything. Man, this is just crazy. Grow some balls. Do you not think that the redirect program throw up a red flag. This is a free discourse place, if you have something to say, just say it. I commented on your blog, so why can't you comment on mine. Stupid is as stupid does, you know.

UPDATE 7: Welcome all from The Bonfire of the Vanities. The rest of my mediocrity is HERE.