Friday, July 15, 2005

It's Not Racism, It's Classism

Lately I have become increasingly aware of a problem that is larger than racism ever was. To me, the concept of envy and hatred of someone who is wealthy is the dumbest form of bigotry known to man. Hey, let's lower the bar so damn low that everyone is starving! That way no one will get their feelings hurt when I drive up in my new Buick Electra 225 (Deuce & a Quarter for those in the know) and they are still driving a Chevy.

Before you cough up your skull, just keep in mind that I live in Mississippi and make my living in the field of architecture. While most people think that architecture is a high paying field, let me assure you that it is not. The redeeming quality of the job is the chicks and free booze. Right!

That said, a businessman from Mississippi that was targeted by the Federal Government to take a fall for the bankruptcy of WorldCom has been sentenced to a long time in prison for what our government says was illegal activity. The Martha Stewart thing all over again.

I disagree. The person that put the focus of attention on Bernie Ebbers was a disgruntled employee and they offered names of people that were also unhappy. A bunch of people rolled over on Bernie because of envy. He done got mo' money than me.

Despite the fact that Ebbers was their employer, despite the fact that Ebbers developed the company into a world-wide outfit, and despite the fact that Ebbers was the person that came up with the money for the company, these EMPLOYEES thought that it was a good idea to knock ol' king Bernie down a notch or two.

Did Bernie violate the law? It is possible that he did, but I don't think so. You can't walk across the street these days without breaking some law. I think that our government is so Hell-bent on making everyone poor, that they will stop at nothing to destroy someone that is financially successful.

Okay, look here, there are people that think that the world is owed them and there are people that think that they will own the world. I think that the more noble of the two is the latter. A person is not made better by attacking another. A person must strive to become important in this world. Pick a niche and make your fortune. Just try not to ruin everyone on your way to the top.

And all people are created equal, some are just more ambitious and continue to try to better themselves.