Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just As Ordered!

When I arrived home today, my "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" (not from Beth, but I wouldn't mind receiving something from her, please quit blocking my e-mails) Packet was in the mailbox discussing my immediate need to address the KKKarl Rove situation. I have scoured the web to find all pertinent information (I went to Google News) regarding this topic. I read three (3) whole articles and came to my conclusions. It took me five minutes, what I don't so for y'all. This is what I have found.....

No one cares at all about this. If KKKarl had actually created a sign saying that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA operative, you STILL have no grounds to impeach President Bush. Again, and again, and again, (keep repeating "again" until you puke) the Left simply refuses to put forth ONE idea on how to solve any problems that they squeal about. (I know not to end a sentence that way, Pam, but simply don't care right now)

On to the Valerie Plame thing. I have serious problems with the thought that KKKarl "outed" Plame. When not even the source of the newspaper article says that it was KKKarl, I'm guessing that it wasn't. Splodeydopes are silly.

Let's look at the FACTS of this little matter just so you can sleep at night. Joe Wilson was one of the many low-level diplomats that feed at the largesse trough of our government. For crying out loud, he was the United States ambassador to Gabon. Where? Yea, me too, so I did what I do, I Googled the damn thing. Laughed until I almost cried, I did. It seems that the current president is President BONGO. Nah, I couldn't make that up.

We have an ambassador to President BONGO-land. Crap, that's where all my money goes. (To pay ambassadors, if not to BONGO-land literally)

Wilson was sent to South Africa by his wife's bosses at the CIA to "investigate" the purchase or attempt to purchase of yellow-cake uranium by Saddam. He was not paid for this trip, but the government picked up the tab (MY DAMN MONEY) and he produced NO REPORT. He simply went to Africa, hung around for a little while, and came back home. Upon arrival, he rolled up in a Congessional subcommittee meeting and proudly proclaimed, "Nope, Saddam didn't try to buy anything."

What no one appears to be noticing is that President Chimpy McHitlerburton did not hear a word that Little Joe said and did not receive a report from him. Bush listened to the British Government and took their advice on the yellow-cake matter.

When Little Joe heard Bush state on television that the British Government had told our government that Saddam was trying to buy this yellow-cake, Joe Wilson wrote an editorial in the New York Times saying that Bush had lied. Check it, I did.

What this whole situation is about is this: Joe Wilson is a dumbass. Valerie Plame is a low level paper-pusher for the CIA and Leftists interpret the law with a broad brush when regarding Republicans. You see, Leftists are not winning elections, Republicans are. Rather than producing any ideas for anything, Leftists must try to break down support for Republicans because then you HAVE to vote for Democrats.

Please, please make it stop. Have Howard Dean come out and say this; "Our party has tried to garner support for our candidates to no avail. We have attempted to smear good people for no other reason than to win elections. We have come to realize that this is the dumbest idea that anyone has ever produced. From this day forward, we will actually try to build our party by revealing ideas for solving the problems that plague our country. We are also aware that there is no way that you will vote for us based solely on our ideas, so we are taking the platform from the Republican party and making it our own. From this day forward we shall be known as the 'Us Too' party."

Oh, and KKKarl, keep up the good work, buddy. Tell Chimpy that I said "Hello".