Monday, July 11, 2005

The Spotted Horse Meme

GBFan at Spotted Horse sent me a really interesting meme: What ten events would you care to witness if you could travel in time and observe them? Ten? I guess that I could pare this down to ten. And I'm guessing that these will occur in no particular order, it's just my brain spewing forth.

1. First and foremost would be my wedding to the love of my life. I look at the pictures and never quite understand what I was experiencing at that particular moment. I try to remember exactly what we were talking about or what we were feeling, but it never really seems quite right. Carla was the most beautiful bride that I have ever seen and yours truly made James Bond look like a goat person traveling with Phish. Absolutely stunning couple, we were.

2. I would also enjoy being an observer at the birth of the heir to the Two Dogs fortune. To see Crumb-Cruncher born while not simultaneously pissing my pants would be a welcome event. Oh, and he was bright purple because of that damn collapsed lung. Still wish I could relive that moment.

3. To watch my grandpa, Old One Dog, riding me on his knee is yet another trip down memory lane that I would cherish. He used to do the "Ride Little Horsey" thing with me and then drink a fifth of vodka. Damn, that geezer could kick 'em back. I remember that as being more precious than silver and gold.

4. To see the final show by Kids Eat Free on June 13, 1983. It was uneventful, but I did meet a chick that I should have married, back in the day.

That's enough of the Two Dogs legend building, on to more history.

5. "Let's Roll!" To see Scott Beamer and his heroic cohorts in action. Despite the fatal outcome, to witness true Americans rising to the occasion would be awe-inspiring. I would keep chill-bumps for the remainder of my life.

6. I would also like to witness the terror that Osama Bin Ladin experienced when he realized that our country would stop at nothing to see his head on a pike. To watch sheer unadulterated fear cross the face of Islam's most famous murderer after Yassir Arafat would be near the greatest joy this dude could handle.

7. One thing that has interested me since I was a boy is the United States space program. I would thoroughly enjoy being privy to exact goings on during the touchdown of the lunar landing module from Apollo 11. The excitement and fear of the unknown had to be stifling. What if the moon WAS made of green cheese?

8. To see first-hand the conditions of a slave ship and the workings of an actual slave-manned plantation. To witness the resolve of an oppressed people and feel that empathic understanding that would be evident would be another inspiration.

9. It's all about the job, so I would like to watch Palladio in action. Old Andrea was one of the better architects from antiquity. Good stuff, he did. I bet he was a real stickler for the details.

10. Witness the construction of the fountains at Villa Este. The design called for an entire river to be diverted to supply the pressure required for the gravity fed fountains. They are absolutely stunning.

Oh, if one was to actually have a time machine, I assume that they could go forward as well as backward, so I submit one event that I would like to witness in the future. Only one though, because this was not part of the meme. I really don't like to break rules, but what the Hell?

11. I would thoroughly enjoy being around for the time that with three Bush appointed Supremes, Scalia, and Thomas, we could move back toward the ideals of individual rights and responsibility. No more "Kill 'Em With Kindness" programs and the utter disintegration of the Nanny State. Let Freedom Ring!

Thanks for letting me play, GBFan. I am going to send this on to three folks that can probably make a whole lot more sense than me with this. My choices shall be Pam at Blogmeister USA, Joe-6-Pack at geosciblog and the BEERCANBLOG!, and last, but certainly not least, the Northwestern freak-a-delic, Kelly. This should be fun.