Sunday, July 17, 2005

KKKarl and Plame Again

Okay, I was not completely aware of the law that Splodeydopes were saying that KKKarl broke. Did you know that it only applies to covert agents that have been undercover in a foreign country in the last five years?

Plame has been desk-bound in the CIA building for the last nine frigging years. She's a paper-pusher. Okay, I understand that Leftists think that the law can be manipulated for any reason that makes Chimpy look bad, but come on!

Geeeeeeeez, shut the Hell up already.

(Hat-Tip: William Teach at Pirate's Cove)

UPDATE: HERE is a link to the legal definition of a "Covert Agent" from the law that y'all think was broken. Get this: NO LAW WAS BROKEN, SPLODEYDOPES! Find something else to bitch about. Thanks again, Teach.

UPDATE AGAIN: And quite possibly the funniest post about KKKarl can be found HERE.