Saturday, July 16, 2005

Those Damn Great Democrats! Part I - Jeff Bingaman

A new feature at your one-stop shop of information! Inspired by Harvey's journey through the fifty states. Am I sucking up to Harvey? Yep, his tips have helped me in so many ways. Read 'em, if'n you blog.

While posting on this little blog-thing, I have always tried to keep some objectivity in my rants. Obviously I fail miserably sometimes. In an attempt to bring more reasonable debate to the table, I have decided that I will now begin to incorporate the tactics of the Democrat Party toward illuminating the actions of their individual party members. Yep, I am going to attempt to "Bork" every one of their Federal elected officials. It's called "mud-slinging" and I am of the mind that I need to become the best in the world at it. Will there be any objectivity and fact in my "Borking"? Of course not, I'm using the Democrat tactics of scare-mongering and blatant lying. Yes, there are many lies here, just like Democrat Press Conferences. No ideas, no policies, just layer upon layer of bullshit and lies.

Let's start with the Democrat Senators: Akaka, Daniel-(D-HI), Baucus, Max-(D-MT), Bayh, Evan-(D-IN), Biden, Joseph-(D-DE), Bingaman, Jeff-(D-NM), Boxer, Barbara-(D-CA), Byrd, Robert-(D-WV), Cantwell, Maria-(D-WA), Carper, Thomas-(D-DE), Clinton, Hillary-(D-NY), Conrad, Kent-(D-ND), Corzine, Jon-(D-NJ), Dayton, Mark-(D-MN), Dodd, Christopher-(D-CT), Dorgan, Byron-(D-ND), Durbin, Richard-(D-IL), Feingold, Russell-(D-WI), Feinstein, Dianne-(D-CA), Harkin, Tom-(D-IA), Inouye, Daniel-(D-HI), Jeffords, James-(I-VT), Johnson, Tim-(D-SD), Kennedy, Edward-(D-MA), Kerry, John-(D-MA), Kohl, Herb-(D-WI), Landrieu, Mary-(D-LA), Lautenberg, Frank-(D-NJ), Leahy, Patrick-(D-VT), Levin, Carl-(D-MI), Lieberman, Joseph-(D-CT), Lincoln, Blanche-(D-AR), Mikulski, Barbara-(D-MD),Murray, Patty-(D-WA), Nelson, Bill-(D-FL),Nelson, Ben-(D-NE), Obama, Barack-(D-IL), Pryor, Mark-(D-AR), Reed, Jack-(D-RI), Reid, Harry-(D-NV), Rockefeller, John-(D-WV), Salazar, Ken-(D-CO), Sarbanes, Paul-(D-MD), Schumer, Charles-(D-NY), Stabenow, Debbie-(D-MI), Wyden, Ron-(D-OR).

Well, judging from the list, either the dumbest people in the country live in New York or Massachusetts. I'm guessing that it's a virtual toss-up. I'm also guessing that they must put stupid in the water in these places, that's the only explanation for Clinton, Schumer, Kennedy, and Kerry being in the Senate.

Since there are only a few of these folks that have not already been in the news berating our country, our military, and our President, I'll pick one of the more obscure (to me at least, I don't live in a state stupid enough to elect a Democrat to the Senate) Leftist Senators to personally attack.

Here's the first installment: Damn, this is hard to find one from whom I haven't heard the Leftist talking points, so I wrote all the names on individual pieces of paper, placed them in my neighbor's yard, and let my dog go pick one by relieving herself on one. (She's actually relieved herself on every one of them; she's a strict Constitutionalist, so I picked the first one.) Luckily we got Jeff Bingaman (Dumbass-NM). Who is he? Let's find out.

Jeff Bingaman (homepage HERE), who bears a striking resemblance to John Kerry, uses the verb "impacting". Okay, he's a severe dumbass, but I digress. Also on the frontpage of "his" website, he has an article about "Code-Talkers". As a descendant of the "People That Were Here First", I find this highly offensive. My Native American sensibilities are smarting from his use of my people to further his political agenda that has done nothing but oppress my folks. Goodness, will these crackers white men ever stop abusing us?

Not only does he use Indians, but he also has the Depression Era Program, the Civilian Conservation Corps, on the frontpage. Maybe I missed something, but I thought this guy was BORN on October 3, 1943. How the Hell is he claiming anything about works programs from before he was born? Maybe he hasn't accomplished anything in the Senate. On to part II of this loser.

Yep, he's a lawyer from Harvard and Stanford. Liberal? You betcha! Wife? Lawyer and Stanford grad. Getting worse, huh? You knew it.

Ding-a-ling-a-man has been a Senator since 1982. In his tenure as a Senator, he has continually stolen money from the American taxpayer and run rough-shod over the Constitution. many stellar accomplishments that should make all his constituents overly proud. Since he has been a permanent fixture in the Senate for twenty-two frigging years (obviously he can't hold a real job) I have decided to focus on his votes on minorities and women on the Federal Appeals courts. Since his wife is a lawyer, I figured that he would be an advocate for women, but I quickly found his stance on women and minorities in the courts. He be agin' it.

Those he "Borked": Janice Rodgers Brown, Miguel Estrada, Carolyn Kuhl, Priscilla Owen, and Henry Saad. Ding-a-ling-a-man also opposed Charles Pickering. In other words, Ding-a-ling-a-man hates women, minorities, and Southerners. Great guy, huh?

In addition, he enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1968 to avoid serving his country in Southeast Asia, not unlike John Kerry. Luckily, Bingaman's unit did not get called to active duty like Kerry's did. He dodged that bullet, literally. So did we, because this guy seems to be more Kerry-like than your average bear. Dammit, could you stand to hear another one of these Leftist liars talk about how heroic they were while running from enemy fire and shooting piles of rice?

A little more about Little Jeffy. He obviously has been the cause of all cancer in the world. I really don't have any substantial evidence of this, but I once heard an addicted heroin user talk about a party one time back in the sixties, where Jeff was snorting cocaine off the belly of an underaged prostitute, and Jeff admitted to causing all the cancer in the world. Good enough for the litmus test of Democrat truth and good enough for me.

Stay tuned for the second installment of Those Damn Great Democrats!