Monday, July 18, 2005

Yea, I'm Drunk. So what?

As always, the sole mission in MY life is to make sure that you can escape from the harsh realities of YOUR everyday life. Oh, and to save lives in general.

YOU are waaaaay too sober. Be like Two Dogs, English sounds so much better when slurred properly. At least with my voice it does.

The REAL Mississippi Mud

1 Jigger* (what did you call me?!?!?) Southern Comfort
1 Jigger* (I'm warning you) Coffee Liqueur
Coupla' scoops of vanilla ice cream

Chunk into blender (Remember, top on. Not yours sweetheart, the blender's). Run the gamut of the buttons until the stuff is smooth. Top with chocolate sprinkles or shavings. Sprinkles are easier if you are already drunk.

This drink goes especially well with lawn chairs, kids running through the sprinkler, and the Drive-By Truckers.

*For all you Southern Baptists out there, a "jigger" is one and a half ounces. For all you Catholics, a "jigger" is about seventeen ounces.