Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More Whoring From the Left

Well, once again John Kerry has defecated in my Cheerios. Man, there should be a law against this type of behavior. PLEASE. MAKE. IT. STOP.

Sorry to the regular readers of my insanity, this might be another long post, just bear with me.

The Letter and My Rebuttals:

Look Here Precious,

I am seriously tired of your e-mails. I believe that the correct term is "stalking". You have to understand that I am not a moron, so why do you keep e-mailing me? Trust me, I have no Purple Hearts to give away for any shaving nicks that you might have aquired lately.

That said, let's pick apart your stupid, lying crap yet again. Hey, let's attach your words if I can stand the stench.

Dear Two, (Does this make sense to you? It sounds like pillow talk. Hey, cozy up to the stupidity bar. What's your poison?)

They tried to put a brave public face (As opposed to your overly botoxed Herman Munster looking face) on. But, as they gathered in Pittsburgh this past weekend, GOP leaders and campaign strategists couldn't hide the fact that they've got their political backs to the wall. (Yea, because all that winning of elections makes people skeered, boy.)

Yes, there was lots of energy at the meeting, but it was the nervous energy of panicked politicians and operatives (We call yours "Idiots".) who know their luck (WTF?) is running out. (Face it, you have absolutely lost your mind or are catering to the vast majority of morons that fester in your party)

Last week, Democrat Paul Hackett, a political newcomer (As was Schmidt, who won by 3.5 percent, forgot that, huh?) and Iraqi combat veteran (Man, you better point this out about eleventy billion more times, but he was whipped by a girl), came within 4,600 votes of winning an Ohio special election in a heavily Republican district (57th in the nation). Republican operatives laughed about how easily they could defend this district (I'm still laughing because you lost by a whopping 3.5% in a race that you put a veteran up against a unknown girl.) until Ohio voters shocked them and sent a clear signal (That Democrats suck) of what 2006 holds (And are losers even when they brainwash soldiers to run for their party. Again I say that your poster boy unknown was beaten by a girl.)

Rick Santorum -- the poster boy (Copy cat) for the most extreme elements of the Bush agenda (Uh, Bush is a moderate, but you probably can't tell from your Fascist Leftist viewpoint) -- was a featured speaker at the GOP meeting. Senator Santorum is trailing Bob Casey (Ring a bell, Ding-Dong?), his Democratic (Damn John, even you call your party the "Democratic" Party. It is actually the Democrat Party, dumbass.) opponent, and may be the most vulnerable Republican in the country. (As opposed to every last one of the Democrats who are all cowered in the corner, sucking thumb, and pissing pants. Hey pick the biggest loser in the loser barrel.)

And, Karl Rove, whom George W. Bush calls the "architect" of his political success, wasn't anywhere to be seen at the meeting (The "architect" has left the building.) Rove likes to show up at Republican gatherings with his divisive rhetoric and schoolboy taunts aimed at the President's opponents. (Wow, what a schoolboy taunt. But, he probably likes to hang out with his friends, something that you lack. Plus, he was at home polishing his light saber, fruitboy. He knew that your big, bad army man couldn't beat his tough minded chick.) But now, his involvement in exposing the identity of a CIA agent for political revenge has put Rove's bare-knuckles (Want some of this, sissy?) political tactics under intense scrutiny. (This: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Intense scrutiny by Kosbat is like a arm-baby trying to find his pacifier. Remember when you did the exact same thing that you say that KKKarl did?)

The Republican National Committee used its national strategy meeting in Pittsburgh to kick off its drive to survive the most critical elections of 2005 and 2006. (Yea, if "surviving" means solidifying our control of every branch of the Federal government. Wonder what you will call what the Democrats do at a strategy meeting? We like to call it, "Shooting yourself in the foot".) We at the grassroots need to use the GOP meeting to raise the funds Democratic candidates need to take it to the Republicans in races all across America. (Since when did being the kept man of a multi-millionaire get defined as "grassroots"? Might as well call it "premblememblamation" or "nar", that makes as much sense.)

Make a Contribution (Find a job!)

With the money they'll raise and the tactics (We call yours "risky schemes".) they'll use, GOP candidates won't be easy to beat despite their dismal record on the problems that concern America's families. (Yep, that's why they lose, uh, wait, nevermind.) But, that's okay. We don't care about easy or hard. (Because you're going to try to win in the courts anyway.) We just plan to do what it takes to win. (Like lie, cheat, steal, and lie again.)

So, take a moment right now to send Rove (KKKarl is a baaaaad man) Republicans like Rick Santorum a powerful message. (Like, hey, keep up the great work?) Help Keeping America's Promise make it clear that Democrats are ready, willing and able to compete in every critical race across America. (I actually know one that y'all are capable of winning, The Race To Oblivion!)

Make a Contribution (Eat me, Loser-Boy)

Let's show that the cynical (sane and thoughtful) politics of the Rove (KKKarl is a baaaaad man) Republicans will be no match for the commitment and energy of our grassroots (dumbass) movement. Let's go to work. (John, the people that are listening to your party do not understand the term "work".)

Thank you,
John Kerry

Just to let you know, the demonization of Newt Gingrich worked so well for your party that you lost another seven seats in the House. You might want to rethink this 'stategery'.

Okay, I have unsubscribed to your e-mail list twice now, do you think that maybe you could leave the adults alone for a day to get some work done? Will you please go play with your trucks in the sandbox for a while? I have some lives to save here.

Love ya', mean it,
Your pal,
Two Dogs

We'll see tomorrow exactly how stupid this guy is. Did you know that his grades were as bad as Albert Gore's? That's a big, damn, hairy deal because Gore even flunked out of divinity school. Remember, VOTE DEMOCRAT!