Sunday, August 14, 2005

Those Damn Great Democrats Part VI - Tom Harkin

Since I started this feature at your one-stop-shop of information, I have tried to stay on the more obscure Democrat Senators. This time I was not so lucky. Seems that the damn dog had it in her head to attack the voodoo doll of Tom Harkin (Dumbass-IA). "His" website HERE.

The LEAD article on "his" webpage is on the wonderment of Embryonic Stemcell Research. For those unfamiliar with ESR, we like to call it CRAP here because of the wonderful faulty science behind the concept. I just simply refuse to go into it here because we are bludgeoning Harkin in this post. If you want more stuff on CRAP go to Joe-6-Pack's site and read his stuff about it. He's like a scientist and stuff.

Anyway, the article on Harkin's site means that first and foremost, he is a blithering moron. But Hell, you knew that, isn't there a "D" by his name? Dead giveaway, I'm telling you. And here he is singing "Kumbaya" with another of the hand-wringers in Heaven's Gate Cult that we all call the Democrat Party. WITH THE HAND SIGNS, NO DOUBT! I have always wondered what words they use when they sing it.

On "Harkin's" current event PAGE, he delves even further into drooling wet-brain territory by addressing the politically correct issues of this particular day, Free-range printer ink, gotta fillibuster them damn judges, and fleece the tobacco companies. Do none of the Democrats realize that RJR is also Nabisco, and that they are friggin' huge food company? Hey, great idea, let's sue them outta existence. Food? Who needs that crap? And on to part two, this oughta be good.

Can you imagine a Senator talking about his Vietnam service and finding out that is was 100% untrue? Yea, I know that it is unbelievable that someone would LIE about that, but Harkin has done just that. HERE a little known blogger, Glenn Reynolds, I think is his name, talks about Harkin and his lies about Vietnam service. I just can't imagine someone lying about their service. Man, that's crazy. Here's some BACK-UP for the little known Reynolds, from another PJ-clad dude named Donald Sensing.

Dammit, these Democrat "people" make me sick to my stomach. Just remember what I am doing for y'all when it comes time to bury me.

CAN'T. GO. FURTHER. This guy just flat out sucks. If you want more, YOU go find it.

Butcher's Bill of Democrat Senators: Akaka, Daniel-(D-HI), Baucus, Max-(D-MT), Bayh, Evan-(D-IN), Biden, Joseph-(D-DE), Bingaman, Jeff-(D-NM), Boxer, Barbara-(D-CA), Byrd, Robert-(D-WV), Cantwell, Maria-(D-WA), Carper, Thomas-(D-DE), Clinton, Hillary-(D-NY), Conrad, Kent-(D-ND), Corzine, Jon-(D-NJ), Dayton, Mark-(D-MN), Dodd, Christopher-(D-CT), Dorgan, Byron-(D-ND), Durbin, Richard-(D-IL), Feingold, Russell-(D-WI), Feinstein, Dianne-(D-CA), Harkin, Tom-(D-IA), Inouye, Daniel-(D-HI), Jeffords, James-(I-VT), Johnson, Tim-(D-SD), Kennedy, Edward-(D-MA), Kerry, John-(D-MA), Kohl, Herb-(D-WI), Landrieu, Mary-(D-LA), Lautenberg, Frank-(D-NJ), Leahy, Patrick-(D-VT), Levin, Carl-(D-MI), Lieberman, Joseph-(D-CT), Lincoln, Blanche-(D-AR), Mikulski, Barbara-(D-MD),Murray, Patty-(D-WA), Nelson, Bill-(D-FL),Nelson, Ben-(D-NE), Obama, Barack-(D-IL), Pryor, Mark-(D-AR), Reed, Jack-(D-RI), Reid, Harry-(D-NV), Rockefeller, John-(D-WV), Salazar, Ken-(D-CO), Sarbanes, Paul-(D-MD), Schumer, Charles-(D-NY), Stabenow, Debbie-(D-MI), Wyden, Ron-(D-OR).