Saturday, August 06, 2005

Why I Have Been Voting Republican

Having consumed about half of my alloted time on Earth, I have continually tried to expand my knowledge on a plethora of topics. Today I will explain, albeit briefly, why I choose to vote for those dastardly Republicans and hopefully everyone will be convinced in the same manner that I was.

In 1989, my life was altered totally, completely, and eternally. It seems that I spawned. I know that y'all are scared that my lineage has been continued, but it is done and I am proud.

Until the time that my boy was birthed, I cared not one whit about politics or government. I did vote for Reagan and then I voted for Bush One for President. It was just the right thing to do after watching what the Democrats had in store for our country with Jimmy Carter. Man, 21% home mortgage rates is the only thing that the Left has to offer.

Anyhoo, I started looking into schools, colleges, job opportunities, and my young family's future. With very little study I immediately realized that our government had extended its control over our lives and families. This was bad in my mind and in any other intelligent person's as well.

Government in any form becomes oppressive at some point and must be reformed. That was what I saw. The Republicans had NOT been in power for years and years and I saw that as the path to direct change because the Democrats had moved more and more towards Socialism and Fascism over the course of their reign. I began to vote for the Republicans and became increasingly more satisfied with where they were leading the country.

(to be continued)