Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Relief for New Orleans

I am so sick to death of the screeching from the Left about everything is Bush's fault. The disaster in New Orleans is NOT Bush's fault, but it could be the fault of Blanco and Nagin, both of whom are Democrats. There is plenty of blame to go around, but I fear there is NO blame whatsoever for the Federal Government. Granted the Fed is the most incompetent entity known to man, but the Republicans are S L O W L Y getting everything straightened out. Dammit, the Left has had control of our government for a million years. Give the smart guys a frigging chance to correct all the corruption your guys put in place.

Oh, and Blanco has just hired the Clinton Administration's FEMA dude, it is going to get much, much worse for New Orleans and Louisiana. Imagine having the United Nations attempting to rape your daughter, wife, and grandmother and then you will understand what is about to happen in Louisiana.

UPDATE: John at Argghhh!!! just commented to let me know that Witt, Clinton's FEMA dude, might just be the thing that New Orleans and Louisiana needs. Seems that John worked for FEMA and Witt has his shit in one sock. Thanks for setting me straight.

Remember you heard it here first. If you are still a resident of Louisiana, you might want to abandon the state NOW or stockpile plenty of lubricant.

More on those pesky funding cuts HERE. The Left just can't BUY a damn break with all those things that are supposed to hurt President Bush.