Wednesday, September 07, 2005

WTW-The Truth Will Come Out!

Hey-uh, old Cleet here. Mama's bruther Earl Wayne's boy, Jim Howie, dun got hisself a good mud bawging car. Them Trans-Cameros is too dayum cool. Earl Wayne's fambly live down in Copiah County rat on the Lawrence County line and they's loaded! Earl Wayne is a teember rider for the Gawga Pecific. Jim Howie's friend Larry Bob, in the back seet, has got hisself some funny eyes! Sumtimes, I thank them boys drank too much.

The rest of my fambly is on the side and they's Rednecks and Trollops. Look et they stuff.

(Hat-Tip: James P. Oh, yee of the webbed feet and hands. Thanks for all your hard work at making Mississippi look just like the stereotype from Mississippi Burning and Deliverance. Damn, get off the river and get to a library or something. And yes folks, this is an actual car from Mississippi. I hang my head in shame.)